Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Small, Albeit Important Victory Against The Oligarchs . . .

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The wheels of justice grind slowly, and finely, they say . . .

Here's hoping those wheels grind this piece of human shit into a pile of blood oozing hamburger meat.

. . . .

Don Blankenship, the longtime chief executive officer of Massey Energy, was indicted Thursday on charges that he orchestrated the routine violation of key federal mine safety rules at the company’s Upper Big Branch Mine prior to an April 2010 explosion that killed 29 miners.
A federal grand jury in Charleston charged Blankenship with conspiring to cause willful violations of ventilation requirements and coal-dust control rules — meant to prevent deadly mine blasts —during a 15-month period prior to the worst coal-mining disaster in a generation.
The four-count indictment, filed in U.S. District Court, also alleges that Blankenship led a conspiracy to cover up mine safety violations and hinder federal enforcement efforts by providing advance warning of government inspections.
“Blankenship knew that UBB was committing hundreds of safety-law violations every year and that he had the ability to prevent most of the violations that UBB was committing,” the indictment states. “Yet he fostered and participated in an understanding that perpetuated UBB’s practice of routine safety violations, in order to produce more coal, avoid the costs of following safety laws, and make more money.”

The Gadfly has seen the picture of this asshole Don Blankenship wearing his American flag themed shirts and pants and hat, pontificating in public about his and his scum company's patriotism and denigrating our president and pretending that his style of business stewardship is "the American way," and all of it just makes The Gadfly sick to his fucking stomach.

This man's greed is responsible for 29 men's deaths.  Families devastated.  Children with lost fathers.

Time to double up on those electric chairs says The Gadfly.  Jaime Dimon of JP Chase could use a death chamber tag-team partner The Gadfly do think.


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