Saturday, September 27, 2014

It Starts With "Fuck You," It Ends With Their Permanent Societal and Political Marginalization....

When it comes to the subject of putting forth an honest effort to have a sane and productive dialogue with modern-day conservatives, Jon Stewart is arriving at the stage where The Gadfy has already been residing for the past couple of years -- namely the stage where decorum and civility are no longer useful social skills in such an endeavor, and in fact, are viewed as "weaknesses" by the right wingers themselves.

Watch Jon Stewart as he finally reaches the pinnacle of his disgust and exasperation and delivers a long overdue on-air "fuck you" to the right wing and their pimps in the media:

The simple, unadulterated reality of the matter is that as the conservative movement has no reality-based vision for the country's future, no ability to compete equitably in the arena of sane ideas, no "leaders" within their movement who are worthy of being elected POTUS, much less local dog catcher, and no rational defense for their hatefulness, bigotry and selfishness, they are stuck then with creating these juvenile "scandals" such as Obama's latte salute, or claiming immigrant kids are a security threat to the nation or that climate scientists are scheming and conspiring and lying about climate change in order to steal your money and freedom.

They are mental midgets, and mean ones at that, and it is long past time for people to cease being nice or accommodating to them or trying to reason with them in futility.  Jon Stewart has found this out and his hearty "fuck you" on national television to them is a bravado good first step in stemming the tide of this disease, which we know as modern day conservatism, that has more potential to ruin everything good about America, than the disease Ebola, were it sentient, could ever dream of doing.


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