Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Uniquely American Pandemic: Our 'Chicken Little' Syndrome . . .

Honestly -- it's getting harder every day for The Gadfly to reconcile the bed-wetting ISIS fear mongering that is on display constantly from our mainstream media, with many Republicans happily flogging the nonsense right along with them, with the country of men and women who stood up to a true world-wide threat in Hitler and the Nazis and Japan in WWII.

Maher is fucking dead on right when he mockingly refers to some in the U.S. being worthy of having their version of America being known as the "United States of Pants Shitters."

The comical histrionics of McCain and Graham though, are only a symptom of the bigger and more sinister issue of a media that seems to have wholly abdicated it's role of truthfully and apolitically informing the American public of what is going on in the world and how it might affect us all. Instead, our media appears, for all intent and purpose, to have permanently "embedded" themselves within the military/petro-industrial complex altogether and are nothing more than propaganda functionaries of that entity at this stage.

All the more reason The Gadfly implores people to turn off and tune out the corporate media.  Let them know you're not buying any more of their "shock and awe" bullshit and that you no longer find them to be a trustworthy, credible source of news and information.

Watch Maher:


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