Friday, August 1, 2014

The Cowardly Lions and Their Cowardly Roar . . . . . .

The Gadfly was going to riff on the conservatives and the panties bunching hissy fit which they are presently in the throes of at discovering that former IRS commissioner Lois Lerner, who shockingly, and like millions of other Americans including The Gadfly, thinks that right wingers who spend all day ranting and raving on AM hate radio are "crazies" and "assholes."

Alas, The Gadfly had a much longer work day than planned and has not the energy to deal with that bit of idiocy at this time.  Therefore, The Gadfly will defer the subject matter to another day.  However, Charlie Pierce over at Esquire Politics Blog, wrote a masterpiece of a post this morning about just how embarrassingly batshit insane Boehner and the Teabilly controlled GOP house has become.

Here's an excerpt:

There are things that are just as bad as encasing the Founders on marble and marveling at their omniscience. For example, we cheapen our heritage when we cheapen its origins. Ever since the ongoing prion disease emerged full-blown during the run-up to the 2010 midterm elections, and ever since its symptoms became so garishly manifest thereafter, one of our political parties has chosen to cheapen our heritage, and to create a buffoon's history in which they claim to be heirs to people whose intellect and courage as far outdistances their own as a 747 outdistances a carriage as a means to get from Boston to Philadelphia.
Jefferson knew that calling the king a tyrant was an irrevocable step toward confrontation with the greatest military power on earth by a confederation of states that barely had an army worthy of the name. He knew that simply using the word was enough to get his neck stretched if things went badly. Yesterday, the House of Representatives, in one way or another, called a twice-elected president a tyrant. It said, in one way or another, that he had violated his oath of office. If either or both of those is true, then there is only one remedy under the Constitution these people claim to so revere, and it is not a frivolous lawsuit. It is to bring articles of impeachment against the president.
You don't take tyrants to court, goddammit. You risk everything to overthrow them. But the House of Representatives, and the Speaker who presides over it, knows that doing their constitutional duty is a political risk, so they don't have the sand to fulfill it. Jefferson was willing to break with a king he called a tyrant even if it meant facing down the British army. John Boehner is not willing to risk impeaching a president his House called a tyrant if it means a four-point drop in a CNN poll. When cowards try to make history, history is mocked.

Go read the whole thing, you will be glad you took the time to do so.


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