Sunday, August 24, 2014

That's Why They're Called "Rubes" . . . .

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The Gadfly was amusing himself by reading this whimsical article about how Sarah Palin is salivating at the thought of being on the cusp of launching her pay-per-view "television" channel, cleverly named "The Sarah Palin Channel" -- and then The Gadfly came across this gem:

And, as both Rick Perlstein and Alex Pareene have noted, one of the animating principles of the conservative movement over the last 40 years has been soaking every last dollar out of people whose intellectual incuriosity has never been an impediment to further rage and paranoia.

And The Gadfly was dumbstruck as to how such a simple observation could, in the fell swoop of a single sentence, concisely summarize everything one needs to know about the true motives and agenda of the modern day conservative movement and it's ringleaders.

It really honestly and totally is all about fleecing the rubes of their hard earned money by manufacturing outrage and scandal and fear and anxiety and hatred in the minds of people who quite frankly just do not have the required mental aptitude to calmly and judiciously analyze the world around them and then form their very own enlightened views of that world.

And so they enthusiastically allow the Palins and the Glenn Becks and the Rush Limbaughs and the Fox "News" jackals and the screechers on AM hate radio to do most, if not all, of their thinking for them.  So naturally then, the rubes, as compensation to their "proxy" thinkers for relieving them of the innate burden of having to exercise their intellectual facility on a regular basis, choose to shower Palin, Beck and the rest with their gift of money.

The Gadfly supposes that on some primitive level, there is some benignly charming value to this pitifully symbiotic relationship between the money grubbing grifters and their marks, and it is the rube's own money after all, and they do have the right to give it away to already wealthy charlatans like Beck and Palin if they wish, but at what cost?

Is it really worth the price to the rubes of handing over their paychecks to these conniving people in exchange for the right to remain blissfully ignorant, delusional and proudly hateful just because they cannot stand the idea that some dirty fucking hippies just might be right about the world and that they are incontrovertibly on the wrong side of not only the major societal issues of the day, but history as well?

It truly must suck major ass to be that much of a loser in The Gadfly's not-so-humble opinion.


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