Friday, August 1, 2014

Ohhhhh The Stoooooopid!! It Burrrrrnnnnnns!! . . . . .

It just never ends with these douchebags --- and no, there simply is no equivalent on the progressive side of the fence when it comes to this stuff, so stifle the "both sides do it" cockamamie bullshit.

After a National Rifle Association lobbyist equated a proposal to expand background checks to the Nazi policies of Adolf Hitler, a prominent guns rights activist defended the offensive comparison and took it further, comparing gun registration to the Nazi practice of tattooing Jews with identification numbers.

So the lawful registration of civilian owned WMD's is just the same as Hitler's Nazi's tattooing the Jews during WWII huh?  Well, perhaps The Gadfly supposes, except for the inconvenient fact that the motive for tattooing the Jews was so that the Nazis, who were notoriously anal when it came to accounting practices, could keep an accurate running tally of exactly how many Jews they were sending off to the death camps to be exterminated.

Somehow The Gadfly doubts that a gun goon guy having to register his cherished collection of assault rifles with law enforcement equates to an automatic date with the Zyklon B gas chamber and cremation ovens.

Fucking morons.


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