Sunday, August 17, 2014

Let The Trayvoning of Michael Brown Begin . . . . . . .

[ Fox News & ABC News contributor Laura Ingraham ]

The Gadfly thunk for a bit as to whether he wanted to weigh in on the civil unrest going on in Ferguson, Missouri on the heels of yet another seemingly unwarranted police killing of an unarmed, minority youth, but after a brief bout of reflection The Gadfly determined that there truly wasn't a whole lot more he could say than what a whole lot of other smarter and more eloquent observers haven't already said.

What has been predictable so far though, other than the local yokel cop's overreacting to an incident which was precipitated by the actions of one of their own officers grossly overreacting to an an easily manageable and minor situation, is the right wing's knee-jerk view that the whole mess must be the sole fault of the thug 18 year old Michael Brown, because you know, all young, black males are criminally suspect until they prove their innocence.

And of course the right wingers conveniently ignore the reality that Michael Brown isn't available to defend himself due to the fact that a police issued weapon splattered his brains all over a Ferguson, Missouri residential street.

The truth of the matter of course is that the conservative right, for all of their chest thumping bluster, really doesn't give a shit about "rights" and "fairness" and "justice" --- that is --- until a perceived injustice afflicts one of their own kind.


Laura Ingraham's opinion on the merits of a protest movement seem to vary considerably from month to month. Ingraham recently characterized protestors in Ferguson, Missouri as a "lynch mob" and downplayed the story as a "local, criminal" story, but in April the radio host helped to elevate the standoff between scofflaw rancher Cliven Bundy and federal law enforcement agents while suggesting his supporters' violent threats against the government constituted a mere "act of civil disobedience."
Police in Ferguson, Missouri are currently using heavy force to crack down on citizens protesting the shooting death of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teen, at the hands of an officer of the mostly white St. Louis County Police Department. Journalists have been arrested on baseless or suspect justifications, and events in the St. Louis suburb have exploded into a national news story.

You see how that conservative game works dear readers?  If you're a minority and you publicly gather in numbers to protest a perceived injustice against one of your community members, you are part of a "lynch mob" involved in "criminal" behavior.  On the other hand, if you are a good ol' white boy gathering with a bunch of other good ol' white boys, and armed to the teeth no less, to protest a perceived injustice against one of your brethren, then Laura Ingraham views that as a mere "act of civil disobedience."

Sure -- Laura Ingraham is a sad-sack, bird-brained little troll who has convinced herself that her twisted, nutbag views are relevant to, much less agreed upon by, a majority of Americans, but still -- where is the mainstream media's response to such nonsense?  Ingraham is both a Fox News and ABC News contributor -- why? -- who the fuck knows -- it's certainly not because she knows shit about anything, or has much of anything resembling intellectual value to share with Americans on important issues such as this one.

What is quite clear is that the right has seemingly already passed judgement on the deceased 18 year old Michael Brown and exonerated the Ferguson cop who unloaded his weapon on the unarmed young man on a city street in broad daylight.  As far as The Gadfly is concerned, that is all the more reason to fight to keep the conservative movement and it's smug prophets from gaining any more political power than it already has and see to it that they never aspire to anything more than being patriotic legends in their own minds.


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