Thursday, July 3, 2014

Umm . . . No . . . You're Right to be A Dickhead Does Not Trump The Gadfly's Right to Feel Safe in Public Places....

The gun goon men-children have a sad . . . .

A month after images first surfaced of pro-gun activists flaunting semiautomatic rifles at Target stores, the retailer has become the latest US company to officially reject firearms in its outlets.
"Our approach has always been to follow local laws, and of course, we will continue to do so," Target said in a statement Wednesday. "But starting today we will also respectfully request that guests not bring firearms to Target—even in communities where it is permitted by law."
Whether open-carry activists will comply with Target's request appears to be an open question. One of the first to comment on Target's posted statement was Kory Watkins—a leader of a Texas open-carry group that's conducted provocative demonstrations, used disturbing intimidation tactics against women, and harassed a Marine veteran—who said he plans to pack heat at Target "today and tomorrow and whatever days I want."

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What a flaming fucking selfish asshole -- and a childish one at that.  A business respectfully asks this person and other of his ilk to please not bring loaded firearms in to their establishments, just like they ask people to not enter their businesses without shirts and shoes, which is entirely within their rights because they own the fucking business, and the teatard gun goon guys throw a cry-baby tantrum and threaten to defy them, just because, as a flaming asshole, he can.

The gun goon man-child screams, "Going back to Target with my gun today and tomorrow and whatever days I want."

That is these fuckhead's version of freedom dear readers ---- freedom for them to do whatever the fuck they want, regardless of the freedoms of others to not have to be subjected to their asininity and intimidation and feel safe in their communities.

The Gadfly has built up a visceral loathing of these jagoffs.

The gun crowd was pretty much just fine until the Tea Bagging monkey brains came along and decided that their arrogant interpretation of their precious Amendment trumped every societal norm that has existed since the birth of the nation and currently exists today.

Shit -- just look at what happened the first day the state of Georgia's new ridiculously lax open carry gun law went in to effect the other day:

VALDOSTA — On the first day of the new Georgia Safe Carry Protection Act, a misunderstanding between two armed men in a convenience store Tuesday led to a drawn firearm and a man’s arrest.
“Essentially, it involved one customer with a gun on his hip when a second customer entered with a gun on his hip,” said Valdosta Police Chief Brian Childress.
At approximately 3 p.m. Tuesday, police responded to a call regarding a customer dispute at the Enmark on the corner of Park Avenue and North Lee Street.
A man carrying a holstered firearm entered the store to make a purchase. Another customer, also with a holstered firearm, approached him and demanded to see his identification and firearms license, according to the Valdosta Police Department report.
The customer making demands for ID pulled his firearm from its holster but never pointed it at the other customer, who said he was not obligated to show any permits or identification.
He demanded the man’s ID again. Undeterred by the drawn gun, the man paid for his items, left the store and called for police.
Authorities arrested Ronald Williams, 62, on a charge of disorderly conduct, related to the pulling of a weapon inside of the store, according to the VPD. Police confiscated Williams’ weapon and took him to the Lowndes County Jail.  
The police chief said no one can demand a person to show their gun permit. Under the new law, he as police chief and his officers cannot demand to see a firearms permit, Childress said.

The Gadfly deliberately bolded and color highlighted that last sentence because it is just simply mind numbingly insane.  There is no ambiguity here --- per the Georgia GOP's open carry law edict, the police, if by perchance they see someone walking into a store or a bank with a .357 Magnum strapped to their sides, are prohibited, by this Republican law, from questioning the individual or demanding to see proof of their permit.

Lol.  The Gadfly simply just has to laugh out loud at this shit, because in a sane world an ass-backward law such as this would have been laughed out of whatever legislature it was submitted to.  Apparently though, the Teatards have such a grip on the GOP majority in the state of Georgia that insanity and stupidity and ignorance and dumbfuckery are causes to be championed and the citizens of Georgia might just as well get used to seeing monkey-brained gun goons (not knowing of course anything of their intentions) strolling in to their local restaurants, their shopping malls, their financial institutes, or just ambling about their community armed to the fucking teeth.

And when that first massacre (because The Gadfly and you all know it is going to happen) occurs because some disgruntled nut decides that he's had enough of the world treating him like shit and takes his Tec-9 fully automatic assault pistol in to a mall, because the cops couldn't stop him from doing so, and goes ballistic and kills a bunch of innocent people -- oh how the NRA and the right wingers will bemoan their nonsensical idiocy that if only everyone in the mall had been carrying their own Tec-9's, the massacre would have been prevented.

Sigh . . . . . . . the dumbness of the people of this country is overwhelmingly depressing at times, but The Gadfly isn't giving up just yet.  The Fox "News" 65 years, white male and older crowd is aging and they do make up a substantial portion of that Teatard crowd, so let's just hope that a lot of that specific demographic starts dying off sooner than projected, for as callous as it sounds, that just might be the saving grace for this country's future.


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