Monday, July 7, 2014

Nihilism as Practiced by Emotionally and Intellectually Underdeveloped Lummoxes . . . .

This is prima facie evidence of just how destructive and selfish these modern-day conservative jagoffs truly are.

By Ben Lawson
It's a trend now big enough to put a name to. Many Americans are rigging their trucks to intentionally emit large plumes of toxic smoke. It's called "rolling coal," and it's meant as a political statement.
The truck owner rigs the diesel engine to emit large amounts of black soot. One truck owner labeled his vehicle "Prius repellant" and took a video as he aimed smoke at a car behind him. (Via YouTube / doug coons)
For some, it's a form of protest against environmentalism, striking back against efforts to lower carbon emissions and overall pollution. For others, it's just for kicks. (Via YouTube / Renato Sanchez)
The relatively new trend has skyrocketed in recent years. Google analytics shows the search volume for "rolling coal" increasing sevenfold since February 2011. (Via Google)

Here's a photo of one of these emotionally immature twats practicing his infantile version of "freedom" and liberty:"

The Gadfly has a couple of observations about this practice.  First, is it any wonder that the offspring of these knuckleheads tend to be in the lowest learning percentile of their educational institutes?  Gee - it couldn't possibly result from the brain damaging effects of being around imbecilic parents who believe that pumping noxious coal soot in to the child's breathing environment is a laugh-riot and will build character in said child could it??

Secondly, what about the rights of the people driving in their communities or on the roads, which we all pay taxes for, to not have to be stuck behind or beside some toothless, beer-belly jiggling, Fox News indoctrinated, ammosexual slob who, "just for kicks," is riding around in his monster truck deliberately spewing black, toxic, coal soot fumes like an 1890's steel factory.

The Gadfly is so over this teabagger political movement -- along with whatever causes that motivated them to slither out from under their rocks to begin with -- not to mention just about everything they claim to stand for and believe in.  The debate is undeniably over as it relates to trying to find common ground with them on issues important to All Americans.  There quite simply is no extant hope for reasonable compromise with these people to be had.  They are certifiably, batshit fucking insane and the only remaining good thing that can be derived of of their present existence in our culture and society, is living long enough to see the day of the wholesale destruction of their socio-political movement and watching them exiled back in to the caves and under the rocks whence they emerged from.

Lastly -- whatever point that these clowns are attempting to make here regarding their own vision of "refreshing the tree of liberty" is completely obliterated by the irony that even the most well watered and well fed plant or tree is going to perish in quite a horrible fashion if it's ecosystem is destroyed by unregulated, unchecked amounts of toxins and pollutants.

Fucking idiots.


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