Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Conservatives Fear Power of the PLO (Playskool Liberation Organization) . . .

Wing nut radio personality Alex Jones has figured out why all of these undocumented Central American kids are pouring across our southern borders:

While much of the nation’s political class has spent the past few weeks debating what to do about the refugee crisis on the U.S. southern border, few have had the courage and integrity to ask the most important question of all: Are the dozens of miserable children currently behind held at the border merely the first wave of kids from South and Central America who are entering the U.S. in order to act as child soldiers in President Obama’s secret private army?
It’s awkward, sure. Asking may ruffle some feathers. But this is the kind of information that is vital for the healthy operation of a liberal democracy. And that’s why we need conspiracy theorist king and InfoWars media personality Alex Jones now more than ever.
“That’s like the African child slave soldiers,” Jones said during his radio show on Tuesday, responding to his guest William Gheen’s theory that the children at the border are willing tools of the despotic Obama because they crave “Obamaphones” and want to sign up for Obamacare.
“That’s how all those African countries are run, is off of poor kids,” Jones continued. “[T]hey grab [poor kids] at 12 and give a machine gun. Obama talks about his national security force, just as big, just as strong as our military. It’s so bold, but when you look at it, they really are doing that.”
Indeed, Jones and his guest’s logic was impeccable, neatly and persuasively showing why a secret army of refugee children was the perfect tool with which Obama could destroy America.

To summarize the analysis of Mr. Jones -- basically, President Obama is deliberately allowing these kids . . .

[ Obama's Army ]

. . . to enter our country illegally because it is all part of his nefarious and diabolical plan to amass a secret army of heavily armed, child soldiers, outfitted with "Obamaphones" and new enrollees in Obamacare, to take away your freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedoms!!, and guns and, herd you all in to FEMA re-education camps.

Sigh . . . . .

The Gadfly understands that the first instinct of sane people reading this is to laugh out loud, but don't spend too much time laughing, for this country is chock full of idiots and paranoid schizophrenic numbskulls who are hardcore believers in this nonsense -- and thanks to our gutless and craven political leaders they have unfettered access to lots of guns.

Comforting thoughts eh?


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