Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Facial Hair Chronicles . . . The Right's Mental Health Crackup Continues Apace . . . .

Honestly -- what more evidence is needed for people to see just how batshit insane the conservative movement, and by proxy it's wholly owned subsidiary, the Republican Party, has become?

The hosts of Fox & Friends on Tuesday lashed out at the White House for allowing the family of returning prisoner of war, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, to speak alongside President Barack Obama because the father looked "like a member of the Taliban" due to a beard he had been growing in support of his son.
From the president's announcement on Saturday through Monday night, Fox News hadfocused on calling Bowe Bergdahl a "deserter" who was not worthy of the prisoner swap negotiated by the U.S. government.
But on Tuesday morning, the network also began to trash the soldier's parents.

Ohhhhh --- The Gadfly gets it --- a guy who wears a beard like this...

... and who dares to question the wisdom and policies of his government and the people at the helm of the nation's military industrial complex war machine is "like a member of the Taliban."

...Whereas, a guy who wears a beard like this...

... and who uses his fundamentalist Taliban-like religious views to hatefully condemn those whose lifestyle doesn't conform to his religious edicts, who thinks slavery was a good thing for African Americans, and who has a penchant for having sex with underage girls -- well -- he's a "patriot" you see and therefore must be accorded the free-speech latitude due a patriot when it comes to public statements.

It truly does drill a Lincoln Tunnel sized hole straight in to the core of the phoniness and fraudulence that is the sum total of what little remnants that there are of the soul of the conservative movement.  That is the level of dickheaded asininity that has come to exemplify the right's public behavior these days..

It has evolved to the point that they just simply need to be viciously laughed at and derided every time they open their fucking pieholes now --- and The Gadfly is just the the right man for the job --- for The Gadfly long ago figured out who and what these asshole losers are and isn't intimidated by their ignorant bullshit and their amateurish mind games.  Plus - The Gadfly expended the last little bit of empathy, compassion and understanding that he had for these fuckers when it became clear that they were happily throwing their lot in with the racist, misogynist, ass-backward thinking, hateful Teabaggers.

For The Gadfly - it has become an all out mission to destroy them and their movement at this point - with no regrets and an unbending sense of virtuous purpose to the task at hand.


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