Monday, June 23, 2014

She Got Hers . . . So Screw The Rest of You America . . . .

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John Cole over at the blog Balloon Juice channels The Gadfly in his observation and analysis of precisely what a steaming pile of bullshit that these national Tea Party organizations are peddling to the masses:

Screws creditors out of a half a million (and that is a bailout, dear, you aren’t in the debtor prisons like Ted Cruz and others would love to have make a comeback), accepts public assistance, and now makes 500k a year to try to do everything she can to elect people who would eliminate the safety net for people who were in her exact same position a few years ago.
These people are sick and evil.

The individual that Cole's observation is referring to is Jenny Beth Martin who is head of the Tea Party Patriots.  Go read about her story and then tell The Gadfly that the woman isn't one of the biggest fucking phonies and hypocrites in politics today -- and that truly is saying something when one contemplates the plethora of phonies and hypocrites that populate the Democratic and Republican parties.

If anything, it is simply additional evidence that these national Tea Party organizations themselves have about as much integrity as Dick Cheney does on the subjects of honesty and morality.


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