Saturday, June 7, 2014

Meow Man . . .

Gadfly has his own feline  . . . ummm, child . . . . 10 year old male alley cat who thinks he's a human baby who's daddy just so happens to be The Gadfly . ... . . . Gadfly's wife can't stand this bastard child and she ignores him like the plague ---  and so he screams like a banshee when The Gadfly is away from home for more than a half a day . . . Guess The Gadfly shouldn't have let him crawl on his bare chest with kitty treats when he was a kitten .......

Anyhow -- Gadfly loves him some doggies, but cats are his favorite pet just because they're so goddamn independent, nonjudgmental and conditionally loyal ... reminds The Gadfly of his self.

Here's raising a drink to the kitty kat lovers ......cheers .... Meow Man!!


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