Saturday, June 21, 2014

American Can Put an End To This Bullshit . . . But Only if They Have The Will and Moral Courage to Do So . . .

Oh --- The Gadfly is just getting warmed up dear readers....

More gun goonery from the wingnut conspiracy crowd:

DYLAN SCOTT – JUNE 17, 2014, 5:36 PM EDT
The man accused of shooting two law enforcement members in California, including a Bureau of Land Management ranger, has had at least one previous run-in with law enforcement and has described himself as the target of a massive government conspiracy.
Brent Douglas Cole, 60, was named by the Nevada County Sheriff's Office on Monday as the suspect in Saturday's shooting that also left him wounded.
Anna Ferguson, assistant district attorney for Nevada County, confirmed to TPM that Cole was also facing misdemeanor charges in Nevada County Superior Court for allegedly carrying a loaded firearm. He was charged on Jan. 26.

Ambushing and killing Las Vegas policemen execution style.  Terrorizing communities with gun goonery and mentally suspect behavior.  Believing it is a right granted to you by an invisible cloud being to stroll through the toy aisle at Target or belly up to the bar at Chili's with your loaded killing toys.  Attempted murder of government law enforcement personnel.

These fucking NRA ammosexuals are out of control - period.  End of discussion.

It almost has The Gadfly hoping that they do instigate another attack on the government, you know, something along the lines of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.  Because if there is anything that will further the cause of the gun goons and illicit empathy and sympathy from ALL Americans, it would be the vision of seeing this scene plastered all over the mainstream media and the internet again as a stark reminder as to what the government hating, radical right gun crowd is truly all about:

That is a photo of an Oklahoma City fireman gently carrying a maimed, bloodied and dying toddler away from the rubble of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building on April 19, 1995 after some right wing, white bred, anti-government militia nuts set off a bomb outside the building.  The blast killed 169 Americans, including 19 babies and toddlers in a daycare center on the first floor of the building.

So yeah -- let the revolution begin gun goons.  Fly your insipid little "Don't Tread on Me" flags proudly as you cowardly slay unsuspecting men, women and babies with car bombs while you yourselves make your getaway a safe distance from the death and carnage you inflict.  You all are so cocksure of your cause and your beliefs and that it will inspire the rest of America to flock to your side and take up arms with you? -- so what the fuck are you waiting for??  Let the hostilities begin!!

If you cannot deduce it, The Gadfly is just simply fucking sick and goddamn tired of these people and their arrogant cretinism.  To stand by silently while they turn this country into a lawless, violence infused, third world shithole, implies complicity.  As George W. Bush once famously put it to his fellow Americans when speaking about his administration's efforts to combat another group of terrorists -- "you're either with us or against us."

The Gadfly would have to concur with that sentiment as it pertains to combating the idiocy of these gun fetishists and their political enablers.  Time to start choosing sides and even more importantly, make your choice known and follow through on it by supporting those who are working toward sending these assholes back to the political fringe and fever swamp of societal isolation where they belong.


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