Friday, May 16, 2014

T'sk, T'sk ....... Beyonce's Sister's Snit Fit is More Important Than This Shit? ........

The Gadfly has never issued an apology for any of his rant/posts.

It's not part of his DNA, nor his operating procedure.

But yesterday, The Gadfly really vented.  And he vented with a vengeance ......

Fuck these people -- it's time to just fucking destroy them.   If it takes a Randy Weaver incident to do it -- so fucking be it.  These fucking assholes want a sovereign nation un to themselves -- then go find a fucking deserted island in the middle of the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Antarctic or whatever ocean that pleases you, to go live your ratfucking lives.  The rest of America will not miss your dumb asses.
Gadfly is spent .... just fucking beside himself done with these fucking losers.

And The Gadfly apologizes for saying he want's a Randy Weaver incident to occur to teach the sovereign citizen, tea bagging boobs a lesson.

It was un-called for.  In fact ......

The Gadfly does not truly wish bloodshed --- but having said that, the people who want it the most, are the same fuckers crying "oppressive government!"  Hmmmmm?????  It's called suicide by cop.

Nonetheless,  The Gadfly hopes that the militia nuts do provoke the feds in to doing something to control their lawless behavior.  Hopefully that response is non-violent.   Anyway it turns out,  The Gadfly looks forward to the CNN breaking news reports.

Oh -- and btw -- The Gadfly does not apologize for his views of the Teabaggers ...... those opinions stand on their own goddamn feet.


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