Friday, May 30, 2014

This Nation's Very Sick, Very Failed Policy --- It needs to End ...

Another casualty of the ongoing militarization of our civilian police forces and this nation's idiotic, massively failed, utterly hopeless, war on drugs:

That's a picture of 19 month old toddler Bou Bou Phonesavanh who was asleep in his crib when a bunch of, testosterone amped, Rambo-wannabe SWAT dudes tossed a flash grenade through the window of the home where the baby and his family were visiting friends in Georgia.  The grenade landed on the pillow, in the crib where the child was sleeping,  and exploded.  The man the SWAT Rambos were seeking was a small-time meth dealer who wasn't even in the home at the time of the SWAT Rambo dude's Great Raid.

It would be bad enough if this story were one that you only hear happening once in a blue moon, but the undeniable fact of the matter is that shit like this is happening all over this country every single day - all in the pursuit of that ever elusive, 100% fantastical victory in the 40 year old "war on drugs."

The Gadfly cannot look at that picture of that little baby and wonder what is happening to the soul of this increasingly fascist fucking nation?  What perverted set of values says that this behavior by "authorities" in pursuit of a low-level, non-violent criminal is worth maiming babies?

What the fuck is going on in this country????????

Wake up dear readers.  Your collective voices screaming at the tops of your lungs are the only thing that is going to stop another toddler from having a grenade blow up in his face.


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