Thursday, May 8, 2014

They Don't Need No 'Steenking' Legitimacy in Their Elections . . . . .

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Wtf??  They want to jury-rig their own primary debates now:

RNC officials also have been interested in having greater control over the format and moderators of the debates.
A frequent complaint inside the RNC headquarters is that the 2012 primary moderators were more interested in talking about differences among candidates than helping voters rally behind a favored candidate.
If the RNC gets its way, moderators would agree to keep debates focused on topics Priebus prefers and avoid intraparty squabbling.
A senior RNC official said the committee has spoken with every network about the proposal.

In other words - they want debate moderators to, for all intent and purpose, to sign some kind of loyalty oath that they will not ask any questions about the candidates past ethics issues, controversial statements, questionable fundraising activities, sources of their campaign cash, hypocrisy on issues, etc., etc., etc......

Shit - just offer the job to Sean Hannity or Fox & Friends then.  Those clowns will bend over and grease up to sign that loyalty oath so fast, the planet will tilt on it's axis.

Oh - and btw - can any of The Gadfly's conservative friends point him to the universally accepted definition of the word "moderator" (in the context of debates) which states unambiguously that the primary role of the moderator is to help "voters rally behind a favored candidate?"

Why don't they just dispense with the fucking facade then of allowing their constituents to decide who will be their candidate via the primaries, and just let the Koch Brothers, the Wall Street Bankers and their paid propagandists at Fox "News" make the decision as to who the GOP's presidential candidate will be?  Cut out the middle men (GOP primary voters) and be done with it.

This is your modern day Republican party though dear readers - and The Gadfly has for years been trying to educate you all of just how shallow and phony they truly have become.  They know deep down that their economic, social and foreign policies are as toxic to the best interests of average, working Americans as the air, waterways and soil that their fossil fuel industry friends have been, and still are, poisoning, and so the solution, in their eyes, is to simply forbid debate moderators from asking any uncomfortable questions which might upset the delicate sensibilities of their vacuous, whiny-ass candidates.  Good lord - what a bunch of pampered, dishonorable, gutless fucking pussies.


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