Friday, April 18, 2014

Who Knew Becoming a Grand Parent Was Such a World Shaking Event? . . . . Pfft!!!!!

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Just when The Gadfly thinks that cable television news & talk shows could not possibly get any more insipid and worthless . . . .:

TOM KLUDT – APRIL 18, 2014, 10:35 AM EDT
The gang on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" is usually game to analyze (if not set) the latest political narrative, but as Andrew Ross Sorkin proved on Friday, even that show has limits.
Following a discussion about Hillary Clinton's poll numbers, the New York Times financial columnist eagerly turned the panel's attention to the real story.
"Can we talk about the human drama that is Grandma Clinton?" Sorkin asked, referring to Chelsea Clinton's announcement that she's pregnant.
"I don't want to be cynical and I'm not suggesting anyone's having a baby for election purposes, but —" Sorkin added before being drowned out by the panel's collective groans.

The "human drama that is Grandma Clinton?"  Please tell The Gadfly this pencil-neck geek is joking?

Unfortunately he was not.

First off dipshit - there has been no announcement one way or the other as to whether Clinton will be running for President in 2016.  None.  Nada.  Zilch.  Secondly dipshit - the 2016 election is 2 and a half years away - isn't there enough shit going on in the world today that hyenas like you should be focusing attention on instead of a bunch of what-if? nonsense that may or may not come to pass years in to the future?  Thirdly - even if Hillary does decide to run, who the fuck gives a shit if she has a grandkid?  And if someone is going to cast their vote for or against Hillary simply because she is a grandmother, then The Gadfly is all for permanently revoking that individual's right to participate in the electoral process because they are obviously too fucking stupid to be trusted with the responsibility that comes with such a privilege.  And lastly -- The Gadfly has grandkids - nobody seems be of the view that that fact involves much, if any "human drama" in The Gadfly's life.  It's like gee -- what a shocker -- a 68 year old woman has a grandkid - what a unique situation.  NOT!!

It's because of precocious twits like Andrew Ross Sorkin that The Gadfly cannot stand watching any cable television news or talking head shows any more.  They book the same fucking preening jackasses and know nothing tools as guests over and over again and nothing resembling intellectually redeeming value is ever gained from watching any of them.

It really is just another sad piece of evidence of how utterly useless the mainstream media has become by the dumbing down of their programming which was done with the cynical attempt to appeal to the lowest common denominator viewer demographic (The Gadfly is looking at you Tea Partiers).

Just pathetic.


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