Sunday, April 20, 2014

What is Sane About Trying to Have a Sane Conversation With a Person Who is Provably Insane? ..........

The Gadfly is equally upset as blogger digby is about this shit:

I happened to catch this exchange between a Nevada Republican officeholder named Michelle Fiore and Chris Hayes Friday night and almost had to admire the combination of arrogance and aggressive ignorance the woman shows in the interview. She is clearly very impressed with herself.
First she insists that the government never sends in men with guns to collect an "unpaid bill." That's ridiculous. Men with guns come and arrest people all the time for failing to pay their taxes and their property is often confiscated. Suspected drug offenders often don't even get a day in court --- the government just seizes their property, auctions it off and keeps the money, regardless of the outcome of an arrest. People are removed from their homes by armed police every single day for failing to pay their mortgage or their rent. 
What does she thinks backs up every law in this country? Men with guns who can come to your house, arrest you and seize your property if you don't abide by them. If she's an anarchist who doesn't believe in this system, she ought to admit it.

Watch the video link in digby's post above.  Tell The Gadfly that the Tea Party congresswoman whom MSNBC's Chris Hayes was interviewing is of sane mind and sound manner -- [hint - she's fucking not!].

It puzzles The Gadfly to no end as to why these progressive talk show hosts continually invite lunatics like Michele Fiore on the air to spew their vomitous horseshit.  But that's what happens when you have corporate lackey producers who's primary mission is to gin up ratings instead of just delivering the facts of a story.

This is the second time in the span of a few weeks that Hayes has invited a mentally challenged fruitcake on to his show to froth at the mouth spazz while attempting to defend their indefensible positions.  It serves no purpose other than to sexually arouse the wingnuts who are arrogantly certain that the warrior of their ideas won the argument.  And as such - they masturbate in unison all over the internet --- (just google 'Chris Hayes Michele Fiore' to see what The Gadfly is talking about).

Obviously from one standpoint it is comforting to see just how the conservative nut jobs desperation is to the point that they lustily cheer the most loutish of their kind absence of any evidence of their integrity or honor, but for fuck's sake - they don't need any more national tv platforms to spew their idiocy from -- that's what Fox "News" exists for.

So yeah -- enough already Chris Hayes and MSNBC -- stop giving these teabagging psychopaths a free platform to spout their lame-brained, uninformed inanity from.  Or at least if you're going to invite them on to scream like banshees, take the time after letting them spout to declare to the world that you are of the view that they are dangerous nutbags whose views represent only a minority of Americans and should be viewed as nothing more than such.


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