Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Train Has Left The Station Teabaggers . . . Feel Free To Stand on the Tracks In It's Path . . . The Gadfly Has His Camera Ready....

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It was always a given that once the shrill screeching of the demonization forces died down, the law, as intended would settle in to the mundane routine of doing what it was supposed to do:

Nearly one week after White House enrollment numbers showed Obamacare surpassing the seven-million mark, an economist-driven survey is projecting more good news for the Affordable Care Act.
RAND Corporation released its findings Tuesday, showing that the health care law is poised to spur a net gain of 9.3 million more insured Americans. The survey results were collected through March 28, 2014, and respondents will be part of a follow-up later in April, once new data is available.
The survey adds that thanks to shifts caused by circumstances like job and marital status changes, the study cannot pinpoint which shifts were specifically driven by Obamacare's arrival. But limited conclusions can be drawn, including an estimate that the share of uninsured Americans will drop from 20.5 percent to 15.8 percent.

People, on both sides of the political spectrum, can sit and bitch and moan about the ACA (Obamacare) and decry the evil of it (the conservatives) or the insufficiency of it (the liberals), but in the end, the primary goal of this admittedly very flawed law is taking shape -- and that is -- getting people who previously had no coverage at all -- coverage.  Was it a fucked up roll out?  Yes.  Could the administration's support structure have been more robust and proactive?  Yes.  Could it all have gone much smoother if the Tea Party and the GOP hadn't been trying to ratfuck the whole process at every turn?  Yes.

America is the last fucking modern, industrialized country on the face of the planet that views basic, life sustaining health care as a profit-driven commodity instead of a human right.  Change of this magnitude and impact is long overdue and The Gadfly is more than content to tell his right wing detractors on this issue that if they don't like it, go pound sand.

And yes -- The Gadfly does feel a bit of sympathy towards workers in the health insurance field should their industry, eventually, be forced to go the way of the Dodo Bird.  But let's face reality - American history is replete with examples of industries that have either had to radically adapt to survive or who just simply vanished because either advances in technological achievement initiated it or a changing world demanded it.  The healthcare insurance industry deserves no special treatment just because they are politically powerful.  In fact, the Gadfly would argue that that is all the more reason to reign them in and put them on notice that either they change with the times or the times will simply change without them.

Nonetheless, The Gadfly will state with unabashed certitude that he is confident that within the next decade, America will have a national healthcare system that equally covers every man, woman and child, and that no American will ever again die because of lack of healthcare access or go to the poor house because of an inability to pay astronomical medical bills.

And humanity wins in the end.


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