Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Solution is Simple. But Dragging The Sociopaths to the Table of Consensus and Compromise is the Unsolvable Dilemma . . . .

It speaks volumes about a society that seems to have an unlimited supply of taxpayer cash to give away in tax cuts to millionaires, billionaires, Wall Street and wealthy investors, but not nearly enough to invest in safeguarding a core asset of our national infrastructure, an asset, which in this day and age, is nearly as indispensable as water and electricity.  This is kind of frightening actually:

Efforts to fix the notorious Heartbleed bug threaten to cause major disruptions to the Internet over the next several weeks as companies scramble to repair encryption systems on hundreds of thousands of Web sites at the same time, security experts say.
Estimates of the severity of the bug’s damage have mounted almost daily since researchers announced the discovery of Heartbleed last week. What initially seemed like an inconvenient matter of changing passwords for protection now appears much more serious. New revelations suggest that skilled hackers can use the bug to create fake Web sites that mimic legitimate ones to trick consumers into handing over valuable personal information.
The sheer scale of the work required to fix this aspect of the bug — which makes it possible to steal the “security certificates” that verify that a Web site is authentic — could overwhelm the systems designed to keep the Internet trustworthy.
“Imagine if we found out all at once that all the doors everybody uses are all vulnerable — they can all get broken into,” said Jason Healey, a cybersecurity scholar at the Washington-based Atlantic Council. “The kinds of bad things it enables is largely limited only by the imagination of the bad guys.”

Jeebus Kripes!

How about taking back those GW Bush tax cuts for the 1%ers, putting the upper tier tax rate back to the same level it was under Clinton, and invest that extra revenue in America's future as tax credits for companies to hire and train Americans to fix this shit -- you know -- doing the job that these so-called fucking "job creators" are supposed to be doing - namely job creation?  Huh?? Huh???

But just the mere suggestion of depriving the poor billionaires of those 5 new yachts, those 10 new mansions, those half dozen new media companies and all of the tender, compliant, congressional ass meat that ill-gotten profits can purchase, would cause the right wing conservative's brains to implode in stupidly indignant outrage.

But that is where this country is at these days politically.  A small minority of clearly insane and reality denying, fascist, oligarch enabling idiots, are for all deliberate intent and purpose, impeding the country's ability to climb out of the wreckage of one of the most devastating economic calamities in history and for which millions of Americans have been suffering through, simply because of their childish, foolish and destructive hatred of a single man.

The Gadfly's loathing of them wavers not a millimeter.


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