Friday, August 2, 2013

The Dread Pirate Hillary . . .

The Gadfly just has to laugh.  Laughter, even if imbued with strains of exasperation, is the only way at times of dealing with the bullshit that continuously emanates from the psycho circus that is right wing conservatism.

Check out this video of the Fox "News" puppetoons fretting timorously over the prospect of a 2016 Hillary Clinton candidacy.  The fact that they are dredging up the manufactured wingnut scandals of the Bill Clinton era 90's, of which, even after the blizzard of GOP prompted investigations, not a single one was ever validated or resulted in any formal charges against Mrs. Clinton, speaks volumes about their fear of the Hillary, and - unstated but very obvious - the Clenis himself - William Jefferson Clinton.

Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch must be shitting in their Depends diapers if they are already handing out orders to their foot soldiers to start the Hillary trashing before she has even announced a decision as to her running, and, a full 2 and a half years before the election.

All the more reason for The Gadfly to be an early (not reflective at all of who The Gadfly will finally end up voting for) supporter of Hillary -- for if she has the right pissing and shitting their drawers at this point in the game, there just has to be some good to come of that.

Here's the video:



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