Sunday, August 4, 2013

Smearing The Character of Dead Teenagers - The New Right Wing Battle Tactic . . .

Jeebus . . . . :

Ted Nugent, the 80’s rocker who has found a second career as right-wing flame thrower, appeared on a talk radio show in Maine on Saturday and said that Trayvon Martin, the unarmed 17 year old black Florida teen who was shot and killed last year, deserved his fate.
Nugent again referred to Martin as a “gangsta wannabe,” doubling down on comments he made in an Op-Ed he penned immediately following the acquittal of Martin’s killer George Zimmerman. On Saturday he went further, baselessly arguing that Martin was driven by “bloodthirst,” constantly looking to “get into fights with people,” and ultimately “got justice.”

This is just like your typical right wing goon -- attacking someone who is incapable of defending themselves. And it doesn't get any more contemptible when the person being attacked is dead.  But that's your manly man's man for you - Theodore Nugent.

The Gadfly is still waiting for this gutless, pants shitting, Vietnam war draft dodging coward to follow through on his promise to get his self killed or imprisoned if Obama won a second term.

But loud-mouth cowards like Ted Nugent are simply too weak-kneed and yellow to follow through on a threat such as orchestrating their own death.  And lord knows old Unka' Ted the animal poacher wouldn't last a week in prison before he'd be some violence prone lifer's little bitch. But if the right wing wants to promote Ted as their poster boy spokesman, The Gadfly is quite all right with that - for it definitively validates everything that The Gadfly has been educating folks about as it pertains to the current brand of right wing conservatism and specifically their base, the Teabaggers, over the past several years.

So keep opening your bile spewing mouth Ted.  Every time you do so it sends more women voters, more independent voters, and more moderate Republican voters straight in to the Democratic tent and that is the formula for the eventual, long term marginalization of the Republican party and Tea Party conservatism along with there status as a viable political force in America.


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