Saturday, August 3, 2013

Musically Speaking . . . The Gadfly Truly Is Feeling That Way . . .

Rumor on the music grapevine says that Journey founder/frontman Neal Schon is reaching out to his former iconic lead singer Steve Perry about a possible reunion.

The Gadfly has learned to take these kinds of stories with a tentative, albeit hopeful grain of sand.  How many great band reunions have been (think John Fogerty and CCR or Pink Floyd) "rumored" over the years and never materialized? Too many.

Nonetheless, the sliver of possibility of a Perry/Journey reunion is exciting and inspiring. Steve Perry and his scarily magnificent voice put Journey on the rock 'n roll Hall of Fame map and to see them back together again after all these years would be unbelievable and obviously the must see concert/tour of the year.

Here's the boys in their heyday:


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