Friday, August 2, 2013

Lemmy and The Gadfly -- Hell Raisers Forever . . . . .

Still on the music topic here -- The Gadfly was saddened to hear of Lemmy Kilmeister's illness and the cancellation of most of his Europe tour.  Hope it isn't anything serious - The Gadfly has had the pleasure and honor of seeing Motorhead twice in concert and both occasions were memory searing events.

We fans never appreciate the gift these artists provide us with in their music and art and writings.  We typically take them for granted and are usually caught off guard when news crops up that they've suddenly passed away or are seriously injured or ill.  The Gadfly is not being over melodramatic when he states that a world without Lemmy is a world without

Anyhow -- get well Lemmy -- and here's one of your songs that The Gadfly long ago adopted as one of his signature lifestyle anthems:


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