Friday, August 23, 2013

I Love Rock n' Roll! But Not Enough to See Grandma Jett Shake It! . . . .

Some things, The Gadfly feels, are just better left to the ages:

Joan Jett can’t see the point in a Runaways reunion – and she thinks there would be more bad than good if it ever took place.
Lita Ford last year reported that she, Jett and Cherie Currie had settled the differences resulting from their 1980 split, that she’d had dinner with both her former bandmates, and that the topic of getting back together had been raised.
But she added: “I don’t know how Joan feels about it. I couldn’t get a solid answer from her. If she decides she wants to put together the Runaways again, I’d be in 100 per cent.”
Now Jett tells LA Weekly: “I don’t really get why we should do it – the down side is bigger than the up side. It would be fun for people to see, but you’ve got to remember we’re not who we were in 1976.
“It’s not worth it to me. We had a great band that kicked ass for three and a half years. I’m very protective of it because it was very special to me.
“To come back and have the press judge us… Plus, you can’t gauge the dynamics of the band. I’m just not sure it would be the reunion the fans are looking for.”
Instead, Jett is concentrating on her new album Unvarnished. She explains: “It’s some of the better writing I’ve done in a long time.
“I called this ‘the decade of death’ because I lost a lot of people who were close to me. That changes your perspective on things.
“Losing my parents was big. They were very supportive, my biggest fans. It was harder than I would have imagined. That seeped into my writing a lot, and I thought about life’s fragility.”

And besides, what dude The Gadfly's age wants to see Granny Jett strutting around in tight leather pants and overworked with a bit too much botox?

Better in The Gadfly's humble view to just leave this high school era wet dream right where it belongs - in his dreams:

Tell The Gadfly he's wrong . . . .


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