Thursday, August 15, 2013

GOP Circus Introduce Newest Member of Their Impeachment Clown Car Act . . .

Jeebus . . .

GOP lawmaker: House has votes to impeach Obama ‘tomorrow’
GOP Rep. Blake Farenthold (Texas) said House Republicans have enough votes to impeach President Obama, but warned the effort to remove him from office would be unsuccessful and could damage the country.
“If we were to impeach the president tomorrow, you could probably get the votes in the House of Representatives to do it,” Farenthold said at an Aug. 10 town-hall meeting.

LOL!  Then do it bitch!  What the fuck are you waiting for?  If it can be done tomorrow as you claim, then there should not be one more minute wasted yapping about it.  Round up all the other little poo-flinging, wingnut monkeys in your caucus and do us all a favor and just fucking do it already will ya's?  The Gadfly double-dares you.  The Gadfly double-dog dares you.  No, no, no - wait -- The Gadfly triple-dog dares you to do it.  You know that if what you say is true, there would be no hesitation on the matter - since everyone knows that you have been itching to do it (or at least tough talking about doing it) since the moment Obama stepped up to the microphone on his inauguration day in January of 2009.

Talk is cheap Rep. Farenthold -- and based on the amount of hot air aimed at Obama that has spewed forth from the frothing mouths of all of the loser Teabaggers like yourself over the years, that makes you and the rest of the chicken-shit miscreants in your party so cheap that they cannot even pay attention to the rampant idiocy constantly streaming from their own pieholes, nor can you see the reality that a majority of the country is laughing at you oafs.

As for The Gadfly, he truly wishes that just one of those mealy-mouthed Teanuts actually had the balls to introduce articles of impeachment against Obama.  Just one.  If anything it would cause The Gadfly to give brief, albeit serious pause to his resigned view that there aren't any real men remaining in the ranks of the Republican party these days - you know - "real men" like Henry Hyde and Newt Gingrich - who gallantly and fearlessly spearheaded the infamous Clinton penis hunt. . . . er . . . . impeachment?

Alas we are left to deal with the likes of Blake Farenthold, a mere tadpole in the world of political ratfucking, yet obviously of sufficient stature among the Teahadists to be nominated to trot out the umpteenth toothless threat to impeach Obama.  If these are the people The Gadfly's conservative friends have pinned their worldly hopes on for a right wing revolution, The Gadfly muses that perhaps you all are a lot more fucked than you dare to admit to being.


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