Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pretty Please Mr. Putin? We Promise Not to Hook Up Jumper Cables to the Lad's Scrotum Sac! . . .

The Gadfly is back from a torturous week of 10 hour a-day tech training.  It's good to be back at the homestead.

Now - where did we leave off? . . . hmmm . . . No matter - the opening line of this post is as good a place as any to resume our discourse

(Reuters) - The United States has made a formal promise to Russia not to execute or torture Edward Snowden if he is sent home to face charges of illegally disclosing government secrets, and the Kremlin said Russian and U.S. security agencies are in talks over his fate.

Count The Gadfly skeptical, but a country that constantly invokes it's "moral standing" to the rest of the planet's nations in world affairs, may very well be quite unworthy of such standing if they are having to grovel and put forth public promises to one of the world's foremost totalitarian/torture states - and one that is currently run by a former KGB spook - that it will not execute or torture one of it's own citizens.

It'll be a generation before the stain of this country's post 9/11 dumbassery is a faded and best forgotten memory.


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