Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hitting The Trifecta of Right Wing Buffoonery . . .

The Week In Wingnut Stupidity! -- and sadly there are still three days to go:

First up - watch The Daily Show's John Oliver, while rapping Obama's knuckles on the NSA spying crap, deftly get in a devastating left uppercut at the frightful prospect of wimpy Democrats working together with psycho Republicans on issues of importance.  The Gadfly himself has been searching for some time for the perfect analogy to describe such a hideous coupling and Mr. Oliver delivers the goods with this gem:

OLIVER: That's right. Not only is Congress actually responding to this scandal, Democrats and Republicans are working together. That feels strange. It's like when an animal becomes friends with a totally different animal. It's lovely to see, but something about it just feels wrong. Sure, maybe they're going to work together to get a banana out of a tree, but call me cynical, but once that fruit hits the ground, you're going to end up with a dead bird and a blind monkey, both laying next to a rotten banana.

ROFL!  Here's the entire video:

Next up - catch Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders gut and filet former McCain economic guru Doug Holtz-Eakins on the pitiful reasoning behind the GOP's staunch opposition to the idea of raising the federal minimum wage.  Basically Sanders curtly suggests (curtly as in here's a fist shoved up your ignorant ass) to Eakins that when practically the entire substance of your debate consists of expressing faux concern over the possibility that 15 year olds may have to work a little harder at finding a Taco Bell, Burger King or McDonald's job, you've already slit your own throat on the argument.  Here's the video:

Lastly, let us meander on over to Stephen Colbert's place and watch him rip in to the idiot Teabaggers like Tiny Tim on a Christmas ham over their latest and mostest brilliant idea of all time of spending money on an advertising campaign urging young Americans to burn their "Obamacare" cards.  The punchline being, of course, that there is no such thing as Obamacare cards nor has anything resembling such an idea ever been proposed.  But hey -- why let reality get in the way of a good rallying cry for your gullible, brain-dead troops  - right?  Take it away Stephen . . . . :

Tune in again next week kids for another fine episode of The Week In Wingnut Stupidity!

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