Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Eeeny Meeny Miny Moe - Catch The Real Terrorists by the Toe . . . .

These are the numbnut charlatans that Fox "News" trots out in front of the camera and bills as "liberal" counterweights to the conservaquacks on their bobble-head shows:

Beckel: "I Would Not Have Another Mosque Built In This Country Until We Got It Worked Out Who Is Not A Terrorist"

The Gadfly might be inclined to agree with Bob Beckel if it weren't for one, simple fact:  Since the terror attacks of 9/11, more U.S. citizens have been killed by right wing extremist violence and more homegrown, right wing extremists have been indicted for attacks on U.S. soil than jihadi-linked terrorists:

Over the past several years, acts or plots of non-jihadist terrorism have derived almost entirely from right-wing extremists like the soldiers' militia in Georgia and the anti-government group in Louisiana. Of the 54 non-jihadist terrorists indicted between 2010 and 2012, 47 were right-wing extremists.
Seven were leftists or animal rights extremists. For instance, three were participants in Occupy Chicago, a leftist political movement, and were indicted on terrorism charges last June for plotting to throw Molotov cocktails at President Barack Obama and other officials during a NATO summit in Chicago. Their lawyers say anundercover government agent had urged them to plot the attacks and build the firebombs.
Since 9/11, at least 29 people living in the United States have been killed by right-wing extremists, while 17 have been killed by jihadist extremists, the majority of whom died in one incident: the 2009 massacre at Fort Hood, Texas. Of course, this story would be much different if al Qaeda recruit Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab had detonated a bomb hidden in his underwear aboard Northwest Flight 253 on Christmas Day 2009.

That's not all:

But it would also be much different if city workers hadn't spotted a suspicious backpack left on the route of a Martin Luther King Jr. parade in Spokane, Washington, in January 2011, in which white supremacist Kevin Harpham had hidden a bomb packed with fishing weights coated in rat poison. Or if police hadn't discovered a napalm bomb and several other live, wired explosives in the suburban Cleveland home of right-wing extremist Matthew Fairfield in April 2010.
And of all the people indicted on terrorism charges in the United States since 9/11, no jihadist suspect has ever acquired or attempted to acquire chemical, biological or radiological weapons, while at least 11 right- and left-wing terrorists either obtained such materials or made serious attempts to do so.
In 2003, federal agents discovered "nearly two pounds of a cyanide compound and other chemicals that could create enough poisonous gas to kill everyone inside a space as large as a big-chain bookstore or a small-town civic center" at the home of Judith Bruey and her husband, William Krar, according to an Associated Press report. Alongside the arsenal of chemical weapons were about 60 pipe bombs, several machine guns, remote-controlled bombs disguised as briefcases, and anti-Semitic, anti-black, and anti-government literature, the report said.


Now, some of The Gadfly's vengeful, albeit misguided, detractors might take this post as a traitorous defense of Islamic terrorists.  Which would be pretty fucking stupid - not to mention personally offensive - offensive to the point of The Gadfly challenging such claimants to come visit his old hippie/biker ass so that he might plant one of his size 10, American-made motorcycle boots upside your torpid ass.

The point here is that Bob Beckel and Fox and Friends are a bunch of xenophobic, fear mongering frauds and their viewers are gullible, uneducated buffoons who would be wholly inclined to believe you, without batting an eyelash, if you were to tell them that the current President of The United States is a Kenyan-born Muslim who is intent on installing himself as dictator for life and imposing Sharia law throughout the land . . . . . oh wait . . . . . never mind . . . .

Anyhow -- back to the more salient message of The Gadfly's point -- if Beckel's criteria for his statement, as it makes reasonable sense, is that American Muslims should have their civil, constitutional and religious rights trampled upon because of the unsanctioned actions of other disassociated Muslims, then why isn't there a similar outcry against American right-wing extremists, who The Gadfly would bet dollars to donuts are mostly of the Christian faith, for their violence, which has claimed more human lives and resulted in more criminal indictments since 9/11?

Talk like Beckel's is blow-hard narcissism at it's most simplistic and frightfully dangerous at the other end of the spectrum - for like the Nazis in pre WWII Germany, it assigns unmitigated blame for a society's upheaval and wretched circumstances to a small section of the populace, and then foments hatred and violence against those people to the point that the act of killing 6 million of them becomes a mere "solution" to their perceived grievances.

The Gadfly despises Fox and Rupert Murdoch for putting these idiotic hate mongers like Beckel and company on the public airwaves.  Hopefully Murdoch's living days are coming to a quick end (natural causes is just fine by The Gadfly) soon - either that or the UK authorities finally tire of his corrupt old ass and get serious about frog marching him off to the Chokey.


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