Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Don't Be The Frog in the Slowly Boiling Pot of Water America . . . . .

This is the America that the Koch Bros. and the Wall Street money barons along with their bought and paid for mercenaries in the GOP and the Tea Party envision:

In the past 15 years, however, the town of roughly 27,000 people has lost more than 5,000 manufacturing jobs. Companies like century-old Thomasville Furniture Industries, Inc., Duracell, and others downsized, relocated or closed.
From 2007-2010 alone, unemployment spiked from 5.5 to 13.5 percent. Today, with an unemployment rate of 9.1 percent, Thomasville still ranks higher than the state and nationwide averages.
Mike Turner was laid off in 2005 from Thomasville Furniture,  but found factory work in nearby town, much like many of his former co-workers.
"All of those guys were struggling," said Turner. "Some of them didn't even know how to read or write. Furniture was all they knew."
The town’s economic hardship has since translated into a hunger problem. It touches those who cannot find work, those who are sick, single-parent households, traditional households, the elderly, and children.
And despite the best efforts of Turner, and other local organizations, sparse food donations, unapproved grants, and inadequate funding have made it difficult to provide enough food for the growing number of needy families.

It is all about creating a perpetually dependent and subservient underclass of American workers whom the moneyed elites can manipulate and string along by virtue of some politically well-timed, token safety net giveaways which amount to to the equivalent of breadcrumbs in their world.  More than anything, however, it is the mere presence of this impoverished, and now predominant social order, that the Kochs and friends intend to sustain, and plan to cynically utilize as a weapon of fear, to keep the remnants of a once thriving middle class in line and nearly equally subservient.

And The Gadfly will tell you one thing that is for certain and that is happening as we speak which is meant to expedite this new world order --- the destruction of the public education system and the rise of the  privatized education system, wherein little Dick and Jane can be taught the way and the glory of unfettered and unregulated capitalism and forgo the teaching of honest, introspective U.S. and world history, or science or social studies or art and music -- or god forbid - ethnic studies.

These fuckers, as George Carlin so eloquently stated -- want nothing more than obedient, non-thinking workers whom they consider nothing more than company-owned assets who are uneducated, poor and hopelessly NOT upwardly mobile.  It is basically their own wholly purchased population of slave labor.

Watch a quick 3 minute video of George explaining it:

So there.

The people of Thomasville, NC are just as fucked as around 60% of the rest of the country.  The Gadfly said it.  He is not happy about it, but it is the truth.

This is not an accident of changing economic times folks.  This shit has been planned for quite some time -- and by all appearances the plan has been executed to stealthy perfection.  How else can you account for the taxpayers bailing all of these fucking banks and financial instrument companies out after their criminal behavior and now these same fuckers are posting hand-over-fist profits again and right back at the same goddamn financial roulette wheel that brought about the collapse of the world economy to begin with?

The Gadfly is not shy about stating his opinion about these people.  They are out and out monsters.  So much unneeded suffering by their fellow countrymen and nary an offer of sacrifice on their own part to ease that suffering.  Nothing.  In fact they continue to pump money in to the campaign coffers of those soulless fucking politicians that they have recruited to go to Washington D.C. and do their bidding.  They are like leeches - the more blood they suck, the more life they have.

The Gadfly surmises that if he is lucky, he might have another 25-30 years of conscious life left in this plane of existence.  It sure would be a wonderful denouement to The Gadfly's life if he were able to stick around long enough to see these sons of bitches brought to heel by the power of We The People.

But until the collective batch of courage and the accompanying will to stand up and say - "no more" - is gathered and focused where it needs to be focused by the aggrieved masses, the song will remain the same:



  1. This is why standardized tests are being tied to teacher evaluations. The whole goal of this is to get the teacher so stressed out about this that they will "teach the test." It happens all the time. We are given materials all the time to help improve our test scores. It's ALL about the test. Look what the teachers in Atlanta did a few years ago. They were so stressed out about this that they actually changed the answers on students answer sheets. Me, I don't give a shit. I teach what I think needs to be taught. In 2 more years, I'm out. That's the earliest I can get out. God help the future of education. We are raising a bunch of lazy, fat-assed morons, but they will be good test takers. Too many of us feel like Don Quixote, finding windmills and dreaming impossible dreams. Rant over.

  2. Amen Brother Hurt.

    The Gadfly is absolutely sickened by the current, very well organized and very well funded effort to undermine this nation's wonderful public education system.

    The Gadfly is not fooled as to what it is these "fuckers" want to do. Dumbed down, under-educated human beings make great fucking low wage, no benefit workers.

    What infuriates The Gadfly most is that this country's media is behaving as if they are totally oblivious to this assault on one of the most cherished tenets of a free and democratic society. All the more why The Gadfly does not trust them, advises friends and family not to trust them and seeks his news and information from alternative sources.

    Shitty as the situation might be now, The Gadfly still has some remaining faith that these monsters will go too far and to the point that Spring Uprising protests will erupt here -- just as they have across Europe and the Middle East. Class oppression by the ruling elites is no more acceptable in Egypt or Libya or China than it is here.

    Only the passage of time, and change will prove The Gadfly either a visionary or a myopic dolt.