Friday, July 19, 2013

At Least They're Being Up Front With Their Bigotry These Days . . .

When it comes to measuring the abominable odor level of walking pieces of human shit, Rush Limbaugh is still the mighty king of that throne.  But The Gadfly must say that Fox's Sean Hannity is making an admirable play for El Rushbo's crown:

Hannity Asks If Obama Compared Himself To Trayvon Martin Because "He Smoked Pot And He Did A Little Blow"

Apparently Mr. Hanniturd was upset about President Obama, a black male in case some haven't noticed, for saying truthfully, that he, as a young man, could have been Trayvon Martin.

A thoughtful, perceptive, questioning and arguably sane person might have heard the President's words and been struck by the sincerity, pensiveness, clarity and melancholy, not to mention truthfulness - but that presumes that such a person has a normally functioning soul and a heart.

So basically - the first thing that came to Hanniturd's mind upon hearing Obama's words -- and The Gadfly can damn well guarantee you it mirrors the mindset of his viewership, which is mostly white, middle-aged, conservative males -- is that Obama said what he said because he smoked pot and tried cocaine as a young man - and that was Obama's only connection to the dead kid in Florida.

Hanniturd is a hero to these pathetic, white conservative males for this reason and this reason alone.  Like a great many of his fanboys, he is an unrepentant bigot, uneducated, pathetically uninformed and misinformed about the world outside his Fox "News" studio and the gated compound where he resides, and he's proud of it.  His smug, prickish arrogance is solely responsible for The Gadfly having to cease watching any of his Fox show - for fear of The Gadfly ending up in the hospital emergency room with a hand full of broken plastic and glass from slugging his big screen teevee screen while Hanniturd's mug was on it spewing his bile.

Anyhow, The Gadfly wonders when enough decent Americans are just going to finally stand up and collectively bitch slap these right wing dirt bags back into the neanderthal caves where they shuffled from? They have long, long since crossed over the decency threshold - particularly as it pertains to public discourse and fomenting hatred and violence over the public airwaves.  How much longer can the civilized structure of our American society endure these fuckers before they end up starting a race war or another civil war?


**P.S. :  The Gadfly is purposely avoiding weighing in on the dreadful outcome of the Zimmerman trial. Many more writers, journalists and bloggers, all much more eloquent than The Gadfly, have already said what needed to be said about the matter and The Gadfly's view would simply be redundant.  Suffice to say though, that The Gadfly is of the belief that this country that he loves is staring in to the abyss of societal failure on a grand scale when it begins licensing it's citizenry to murder without repercussion.  It is all downhill in to the shithole of fallen empires from there.

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