Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Gadfly is Morally Opposed to Sleazy Casino Mogul Hypocrites (among various other loathsome things) . . .

A meritoriously good knee-slapper if The Gadfly doesn't say so himself:

Billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson said Thursday that he is "morally opposed" to online gambling, labeling it a "cancer waiting to happen."
"It’s a train wreck, it’s a toxicity, it’s a cancer waiting to happen,” Adelson said in an interview with Bloomberg Television. "Younger people, people who can’t afford it, can gamble while they’re on a subway or a bus or a passenger in a car, or while they’re lying in bed in their birthday suits on their smartphone or on their iPad...What is the purpose of putting a casino on everybody’s kitchen table?”
Adelson is the CEO of the largest casino company in the world by market value, Las Vegas Sands Corp., according to Bloomberg.

Dunno' -- call it a gambler's hunch -- but The Gadfly is quite certain that in reference to the word "morally," the pure definition of that word does not mean what Mr. Adelson thinks it means (h/t to Inigo Montoya).

There is just something spectacularly extra creepy about Adelson, a person who has made his billion $ fortune off of the fevered recklessness, hopelessness and addiction of others, rhapsodizing piously on the subject of societal morality.  In fact - it kind of makes The Gadfly spontaneously fantasize about shoving his size 10, steel-toed motorcycle boot right up this creaky old frog's reptilian sphincter.

Moreover - it should not be surprising then, to The Gadfly's dear readers, that this blood sucking miscreant was the single largest contributor, to the "morally repugnant" tune of $20 million, to Willard Mitt Romney's 2012 Presidential campaign.

Birds of a feather do flock together . . . and all that jazz.


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