Sunday, June 30, 2013


The Gadfly's tiresome old eyes read in the toob newz yesterday that American gays can marry (and divorce - just like us non-gays).

The Gadfly shrugged his shoulders.  To him it was the equivalent event of his dear tomcat passing gas -  something natural that is, and or was, bound to happen.

The Gadfly has been blissfully and frightfully married for 24 years to a human being not of his same sex.  Never, in those 24 years, has The Gadfly ever felt that the idea of two gals, or two fellows who truly love each other and want the same partner rights as The Gadfly and his beloved possess, posed a threat to his magical union.  Nada.  Nope.  Not once.  Never crossed the old man's mind.

In fact -- that supposition is asinine on it's face.  If you are so insecure about your own fucking marriage that the mere thought of Joe and Tim down the street exchanging vows at the courthouse threatens the foundation of your relationship with your wife --- you might want to consider checking in to the nearest psychiatric ward.  Barring that - maybe you really shouldn't be married at all.

And it goes without saying that this conversation merges perfectly with the abortion debate and the ongoing onslaught of state laws authored by conservatives to either drastically restrict family planning services for women or deny them outright.

The late, great, truly great, George Carlin addressed this barbaric stupidity 16 years ago -- long before the bobbleheads on television and cable news were squawking about it -- and by god if The Gadfly has anything to say about it, you dear readers will complement your corporate bought knowledge catalog with some true, blue American ..... truth:

CNN -- fuck you.  Fox -- fuck you.  MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC -- fuck you.

George Carlin was a rare invitee on these channel's shows for the simple reason that the man told the truth about his beloved America and the suits in their ivory towers knew they could not allow that to happen.

Edward Snowden -- eat 'ur heart out . . .


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