Monday, May 20, 2013

What's Next - Using Lance Armstrong as an Expert Source on The Subject of Personal Integrity? . . .

There are times when The Gadfly just has to stare in dejected shame at the level of outright worthlessness to which the mainstream media in this nation has descended to.

Engaging the pernicious oratorical duplicity of Donald Rumsfeld to provide commentary on the trifecta of Obama "scandals", in addition to expounding on the subject of government accountability, truly has to have set a new rock-bottom benchmark for media malfeasance.

Rumor has it that upon hearing of Rummy's agreement to do the NBC interview, Uncle Rupert over at Fox was absolutely apoplectic with jealous rage.  The Gadfly has a vision of Rupert Murdoch standing on a mountaintop, waves of flying monkeys soaring in the darkened sky above his head , his brass balls gripped tightly in one hand and swinging smartly to and fro, the other hand clenched in a fist and pumping wildly in to the air -- and all the time the hoary old propagandist is thundering at the top of his lungs, "You dirty, double-dealing bastards NBC! Making a mockery of the American media is my goddamn job!  I am the one and only Supreme Emperor of Yellow Journalism and you claim jumpers had better back off of my territory - or else!!"

Jeebus NBC.  The unmitigated brilliance of it all!  Donald Rumsfeld sought out for expert analysis on the issue of government accountability? Really??  Apparently exhuming the worm ravaged corpse of Dick Nixon for the gig was too much of a booking logistics nightmare and so you settled on the living corpse of ol' Rummy huh?  Pathetic.

And this is why The Gadfly long ago gave up hope of getting unadulterated, unbiased, and trustworthy news and information from our corporate network television or cable news outlets.


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