Thursday, May 30, 2013

War! What is it Good For? Dunno' - Ask General Lou Dobbs . . .

Their truly is no hope for these lunatics:

Lou Dobbs wound up his segment on America Live with Megyn Kelly where they were discussing the Chinese hackers gaining access to "a wide array of weapons and defense systems" by asking when we're going to declare war with China.
DOBBS: Remember, a little over a year ago, the Joint Chiefs made a similar statement, that in certain instances, intrusions in cyberspace will be considered an act of war against the United States and will be treated as such. What more... what in God's name would it take to create an act of war? You couldn't do this in anything but the virtual world and have their be any doubt about it. It's an act of war.

These wingnut Fox bobbleheads sure do likes them some manly war don't they? They want war with Iran.  They want war with Syria.  They want to ramp up the failed war in Afghanistan instead of winding down that farcical misadventure.  And now they are jonesing for war with one of the world's other major nuclear super power countries - China.

America cannot even finish off the war it is currently engaged in which is against a rag-tag band of flip-flop wearing, falafel eating cave dwellers using 1970's era weaponry.  Yet Lou Dobbs doesn't even bat an eyelash in proposing that the U.S. attack another nuclear super power that has a conscripted army 10 times the size of our own volunteer force and weaponry which is just as lethal and advanced as our own.

But if it's war that General Dobbs and the rest of the bayonet wielding dough boys at Fox want -- The Gadfly says, wonderful!  As long as Dobbs, Hannity, Limbaugh and the rest of the conservative war lovers, accompanied by every single one of their military service age children, are in the first wave of combat troops to stomp their boots on the ground in the invasion -- The Gadfly humbly offers his steadfast blessing.


The Gadfly really is sick of these stupid fucktards - and wishes more of his fellow Americans would call them out on their bullshit more often.


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