Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Those Silly Jews . . . If Only They Had Gotten Themselves Some Guns....

Samuel Wurzelbacher, famously known as ‘Joe The Plumber,’ is running for Congress this year on a platform of party-line Republican reforms, including gun control. But while it’s only natural that he would make a campaign advertisement around the issue, the tack he took is rather unusual — Wurzelbacher has a new advertisement in which he says that gun control laws are responsible for the Armenian genocide and the Holocaust of the Jews.
By Golly!  Yes - those dim-witted Jews!  If only they had armed themselves with some handguns and shotguns, that whole Nazi Europe Blitzkrieg/Holocaust thing never would have occurred!

Of course the fact that the European Jews were outnumbered by the Nazis 75 to 1, and were facing one of the worlds (at that time) most formidable, viciously well trained and most heavily armed armies are just minor details to Joe the Bumbler and his fruit shooting fellow boors.

As it is --- Ladies and Gentlemen --- I present to you the 'Dumber than a 5th Grader" mindset of your average, Teabagging moron.

What's even sadder than that video is knowing that this uneducated buffoon stands a very good chance of being elected to public office.




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