Friday, June 29, 2012

Oxycontin Boy Got His Widdoe FeeFees Hurt . . . Boo Hoo Hoo!

You just have to laugh at these consummately ridiculouse people:

Limbaugh: "A Giant, Total Fraud Was Perpetrated On This Country ... The Supreme Court, As An Institution, Is Forever Tarnished"

Ummm - speaking of "Giant Total Frauds" -- El Rushblob certainly wasn't throwing the "tarnished forever" charge at the SCOTUS when they voted in the 'Citizens United' decision to allow unlimited amounts of unregulated, anonymous cash to flow ever more freely into America's already corrupt political system.  He also didn't throw a hissy fit, when in that same decision, the SCOTUS also classified corporations as "people."  The Citizens United decision was declared by most constitutional scholars as one of the worst ever in the history of Supreme Court jurisprudence simply because all it accomplished was to shore up the foundation of corruption in our nation's politics.

And the reason ol' drug-addled El Rushblob liked that decision so much was because it benefited the Republican party immensely more than the Democrats simply by virtue of the Republicans being the recipients of a helluva lot more corporate cash than the Dems.

So, if I were ever awarded the opportunity to stand in front of El Rushblob and be allowed to make just one single statement to him, it would be this: 

"STFU you whining, sniveling, lying, unethical drug addicted piece of shit.  Here's a shiny new quarter you worthless prick - go call someone who gives a flying fuck about what you think."

Yep - that is exactly what I would tell ol' El Rushblob.


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