Thursday, June 14, 2012

On a personal note ....

The Frolicking Gadfly was pondering his future a few nights earlier after latently realizing he had recently turned the ripe old age of 50 a couple of weeks ago....  and The Gadfly came to the not-so-easily-reached conclusion that a few adjustments were needed in order to maintain spiritual balance and harmony in his life.

The Gadfly is earnestly working on those adjustments, and who the fuck knows, maybe he'll become somewhat less of an irascible sonofabitch and perhaps even start advocating for conservative views and even vote for Mitt Romney ............. and the best I can hope if that ever happens - is that one of you pricks who calls me your "friend" just grabs my delusional ass and throws me off the 30th floor of a hotel somewhere and puts an end to that bullshit line of thinking.

Obviously I jest, yet it goes without saying that I have no intention of shutting my mouth anytime soon, no matter what lifestyle changes I make.  Just something I thought I would share.


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