Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's Etch-a-Sketch Time!

The only thing Willard has going for him in  his bid to suck up to the Evangelical Taliban, who btw, believe Mormonism is a cult religion, is that they hate that dirty Kenyan, Socialist, Communist nigger in the White People's House even more.  Tell me it's not true.

Mitt Romney has a simple plan to appeal to evangelicals: he pretends he’s Rick Santorum.

The projected Republican nominee, who once chastised Santorum on the primary campaign trail for offering the base cheap thrills with “incendiary comments,” now likes to mimic Santorum when he speaks to evangelicals, a group still somewhat wary of their nominee.

You can state a lot of negative things about Obama and his policies and probably a good amount of it would be true.  But one thing is for certain -- Obama does not need to put on knee pads, drop to his knees and give a sloppy blow job to a wide swath of the public who pretty much hate his guts - whic is exactly what Willard is doing right now with the Christian wingnuts.

Pretty pathetic - and you want this weasel to lead the country??


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