Sunday, June 17, 2012

Holy [bull]Shit!

This video is disturbing on so many levels, I'm just dumbstruck.

I have news for some folks -- it is not popular opinion, but you might want to think deeply about it.

Do "they" hate us for our freedom?

No - they don't.  The vast majority don't anyhow.

They hate us because of shit like this. Invading their countries and then sending in Christian missionaries in the dual role of combat soldiers to try and convert them. Add to that the shock and awe bombing of their country's infrastructures, which were already third world, back in to the stone age, letting our cowboy contractors shoot up civilians just because they can, and last but not least, giving free access to our slimy mega corporations to rape and pillage their natural resources and you still think they hate us for our freedom? Turn the tables - what if the Russians or the Chinese did the same to us?

How would you feel about that?

Watch the part where the Army Ranger Chaplain talks about proselytizing to boot camp recruits when they are at their most vulnerable -- starving, exhausted both mentally and physically and second guessing themselves. It is a god damned disgusting travesty. That chaplain is employing the exact same tactics that cult leaders use to indoctrinate recruits in to their fold. It's the exact same tactics that extremists like The Taliban and Al Qaeda use to indoctrinate people in to their fucked up causes. This chaplain and his pals even refer to themselves as "The Army of God" for fuck sake!

Is this how people in this country want their military to be trained -- as brain-washed missionaries for the Evangelical, world is flat religious whackos? No thanks. I want no part of it. I hope beyond hope is that this video gets enough exposure so that an unceremonious and abrupt end is put to this unconstitutional bullshit. I have no beef with having my tax dollars spent on training and equipping the most efficient and most powerful military in the world to protect American democracy. What I do have a serious problem with is my tax dollars being spent on creating an "Army" of zombie-eyed bible thumping crusaders for an imaginary sky being.

Fucking assholes.


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