Friday, June 22, 2012

Cheaters Never Prosper -- Unless You Are a Right Wing Media Fuckhead...

Why does this not surprise me in the least?:

Limbaugh: With Anonymous Bounty Tip Line, NFL Would Take "The Essence of Alpha Males" And "Turn Them Into Snitches"

In case you are not familiar with this story - it's about coaches and players on the New Orleans Saints instituting a team bounty system for vicious hits and deliberately injuring and knocking opposing players out of games.  Those dirty tactics were on display in the 2009 NFC Championship game between the Saints and the Minnesota Vikings which the Saints barely escaped with a 31-28 win and then went on to victory in the Super Bowl.  In that game it was obvious to even many in the neutral media that Saint's players were consistently tackling Minnesota QB Brett Favre at the knee and ankle level.  And in fact, in the 4th quarter of that game Favre was knocked out for a couple of series after a very low tackle at his shin level badly injured one of his ankles.  Favre did return to the game after being attended to on the sidelines and nearly brought the Vikings back for a win but threw an errant interception at the end to lose the game.

Nonetheless Limpballs, in staying true to his thuggish and unethical personal character, doesn't see a problem with that kind of dirty play style at the professional level -- so much so that he believes that the NFL's instituting of a hotline for players to report such incidents is an affront to his and his sycophantic follower's "alpha male" manhood.  LMFAO!  Sorry - just seeing the word 'manhood' in reference to Limbaugh and his male fans instantly elicits snickering fits of laughter from me for some reason.

But let's get to the real point of the matter here.  Can you believe this fucking piece of shit masquerading as a human being is a hero to a great many people in this country??

Even though it's a professional sports issue, it speaks volumes about your modern day conservative mindset.  To them, the ends, regardless of how cruel, sleazy and even illegal they may be, always justify the means.  Limbaugh and crowd thinks cheating in professional sports is just fine and dandy.  So it only stands to reason that they would think and operate the exact same way when it comes to politics.

At one point a few years ago Limburger was part of a group of wealthy investors making a bid to purchase a controlling interest in the St. Louis Rams team.  The NFL Players Association made a big enough stink about it that Limbaugh was forced to drop out of the deal - not surprising since there a lot of black football players in the NFL and they are quite aware of PigBoy's history of racist statements on his media shows.

And now that El Rushblob is publicly defending and advocating for the cheating/hacking players to be allowed to cheat and hack any way they want, it ought to automatically result in a lifetime ban from ever being involved in either the ownership or management of any NFL franchise.  Period.

I say let the sonofabitch get his pimple and pus oozing ass involved in professional wrestling if he's so enamored of cheating in a sport.


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