Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jagoffs of a feather do flock together . . .

Tea Party Nation Urges Monday Night Football Boycott, Backs Hank Williams For Senate

No - that is not the headline for an article from the news parody site The Onion.

An obviously inebriated shit-kicking, right wing cowboy singer goes on Fox and says Obama is Hitler and next thing you know the Teabaggers are promoting him as the next great political leader of their movement (until the moment Caribou Barbie decides to jump in that is).

Aside from demonstrating just how absurdly shallow they are, the Teanuts truly are clueless as to the level of racism that they project to those who don't necessarily see the world with the same black and white viewpoint with which they do.

I mean it's so obvious that I have no doubt, and would not be shocked in the least, that if Mitt Romney were go out and give a stump speech tomorrow and openly call Obama a dirty nigger, he'd have the GOP 2012 nomination sewn up in one fell swoop.

Prove me wrong - please.


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