Wednesday, September 7, 2011


As badly as I feel for the Texans who have lost land, livestock, homes and unfortunately lives during the monster wild fires, which are still currently burning across the state, I truly have to point this important factoid out to them in the hopes it will make them think and wonder exactly who's side people like their holy-roller Governor Rick Perry are on:

"But while Perry complains about the feds’ response, he and Texas lawmakers have also been called to task for huge cuts to state firefighting resources passed earlier this year. The two-year budget that took effect last Thursday includes a 75 percent slash to volunteer fire departments — from $30 million to $7 million — and a one-third cut to the Texas Forest Service. State Sen. Kirk Watson (D-Austin) said this year’s fires near the capital city underscore the need to better fund the emergency-services districts stretched thin at the outskirts of Texas’ growing cities."

Ok - let's see -- they took $23 million from the state's volunteer fire departments, and several more million from the state Forest Service. One can only wonder if that money might have made a difference, however slight, in the amount of destruction the current wildfires have caused? More importantly, to me anyhow, anyone care to guess where those "saved" dollars went? Do you honestly think a majority of those savings were returned your average Texas middle class family in the form of a "tax cut?" I'd be willing to wager a case of God's sweet cactus juice nectar that around 95% of those "savings" went into the bank accounts of the wealthiest of Texans - you know - the ones Fox News and the teabaggers call the "job creators."

I hope people are learning lessons from this country's ongoing, slow death spiral. Because if they aren't, the flicker of hope that I myself retain which believes that some how, some way America will have a mass epiphany as to how the ruling elites are fucking them over and come to their senses enough to do something about it and put and end to it, is going to be snuffed out - along with a thing we used to know as "The American Way of Life."


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