Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Here - just hold this can of beans and give a pretend smile that suggests you actually give a shit!

Astoundingly pathetic:

Romney Campaign Staged Donations At Storm Relief Event

As the East Coast and parts of Ohio struggled to regroup in the devastating wake of “Superstorm” Sandy, the Romney campaign hastily transformed a scheduled victory rally in Dayton, Ohio into a non-political “storm relief event” on Tuesday. According to BuzzFeed, the campaign encouraged supporters to bring hurricane relief supplies and “deliver the bags of canned goods, packages of diapers, and cases of water bottles to the candidate, who would be perched behind a table along with a slew of volunteers and his Ohio right-hand man, Senator Rob Portman.”
Just to be safe, campaign aides reportedly spent $5,000 at a local Wal-Mart on supplies that could be put on display. When supporters arrived at the rally-turned-relief event, they were treated to the 10-minute video about Romney’s life, which was first unveiled at the RNC. The event ended with supporters lined up to hand over supplies and meet Romney. But according to BuzzFeed, this donation process was also staged:
Empty-handed supporters pled for entrance, with one woman asking, “What if we dropped off our donations up front?”
The volunteer gestured toward a pile of groceries conveniently stacked near the candidate. “Just grab something,” he said.
Two teenage boys retrieved a jar of peanut butter each, and got in line. When it was their turn, they handed their “donations” to Romney. He took them, smiled, and offered an earnest “Thank you.”
The Red Cross, meanwhile, said they were grateful for the supplies but encouraged people to donate money or blood as a more efficient way to help the relief effort.

Truly folks -- what more evidence is needed to prove beyond a shadow of any doubt what empty-hearted charlatans Romney, Ryan and their sugar daddies, The Koch bros., all are?

The Gadfly does not know what fucked up molecular structure of atoms has deformed the common sense DNA strand in some, and thus makes a sizable number of Americans convinced that Willard and pals actually give a rat's ass about them and the plight of their fellow serfs, but just knowing that there are millions of them out there makes The Gadfly truly fear for the future of representative democracy as we know it.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Heckuva Job Willard! Heckuva Fucking Job!!

KETTERING, Ohio – Mitt Romney repeatedly ignored questions about his position on federal funding for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) at an event for storm victims Tuesday.
After speaking briefly to supporters and gathering donations Romney, Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) and some campaign staffers headed outside into the cold, rainy afternoon and proceeded to load up a yellow Penske truck with supplies, canned goods and other donated items.
“Governor, are you going to see some storm damage?” one reporter asked.
Several others again asked Romney whether he would eliminate FEMA.
“Governor, you’ve been asked 14 times. Why are you refusing to answer the question?” one asked.
Romney ignored the reporters’ queries and continued loading up the truck. Earlier, during the event, he ignored similar queries.
14 times the man who claims he wishes to be the President of all of Americans refused to answer a simple question about his intentions re: the federal government agency, FEMA, that is charged with the life and death task of coordinating the Federal response to a disaster that has occurred in the United States and that overwhelms the resources of local and state authorities.

FEMA was created in 1979 and had been a generally successful agency -- until that is -- George W. Bush appointed a political donor/crony (Michael "Heckuva Job" Brown), who had absolutely no crisis management experience whatsoever, to head the agency in 2003.  Then along came a catastrophic weather event known as Hurricane Katrina.  A major American city literally drowned while the head of FEMA, his politically appointed lackeys, and his boss George W. Bush, dithered and dallied and for all intents and purposes put the level of their rank incompetence on display for the whole world to see.  Nearly 2000 Americans died and the city of New Orleans has yet to fully recover from that disaster.

Now we have yet another Republican "leader" who today demonstrated truly what a coward he is.  The reason Willard Mitt Romney ignored those 14 queries from the press re: how he would handle FEMA is because he wouldn't handle it.  He would let his political henchmen handle it.  Romney is on the public record as stating he would eliminate FEMA and turn disaster relief efforts over to the states, local government entities and private enterprise.  Yeah - because we know how fucking well the idea of adding the dynamic of a profit motive and turning over the responsibility of dealing with a human crisis issue like, oh say war for instance, (Iraq and Afghanistan private contractors are the perfect example) has worked out.  The result was rampant incompetence and corruption and billions of wasted (more likely embezzled) taxpayer dollars.

Here's video of the Willard stating exactly and clearly what his plans for FEMA are:

So just remember folks - that next flood, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, natural gas explosion, etc., that devastates your community, don't even bother looking to a would-be President Romney for any leadership or help.  That kind of help is reserved for his hedge fund pals and bankers on Wall Street and his financial advisers in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda -- not for real-life, insignifican peons like you and I.

You've got a clear choice come Nov. 6th people -- crystal clear.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Of Rapturous Rapists and Shit Flingers . . . The Conservative World View Encapsulated

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart decided to weigh in on this week's events involving the ongoing GOP obsession with rape and Sarah Palin's racist dog whistling and Donald Trump's big, election changing announcement.

First Colbert -- the key phrase re: the GOP?  "Team Rape."  ROFL!:

And then Stewart on Palin and Trump.  The key phrase:  "I don't know how I ended up confusing these images."  LMFAO!:

The Gadfly thanks the deities that be for the existence of Colbert and Stewart every fucking day of his conservanut loathing life.


The Sheriff is a Ni- . . . . [insert favorite racist dog whistle here]

From the inimitable Charles Pierce at Esquire's "The Politics Blog:"

Clock's ticking, and they're not being subtle any more.
Here's Princess Dumbass of the Northwoods taking to the social media today:
In a Facebook post today, Palin wrote: "Obama's Shuck and Jive Ends With Benghazi Lies." She also used the term in the text of the post, which concludes, "President Obama's shuck and jive shtick with these Benghazi lies must end."
Then, let us move on the Megyn Kelly, oddly spelled Fox News spokesmodel, and her take on that whole horses-and-bayonets business:
"That's an interesting point, that it speaks to an ability to be bipartisan," Kelly agreed. "And whether the president has that, and whether he's been in Washington maybe too long, maybe it's gotten to him and he's sort of gone native because the guy who was going to be hope and change got to Washington, and now he sounds a lot like the people he said he was going to change."
Going native! Ungawa!

Honestly there's only one way I can respond to this.  I am going to conscientiously edit Palin's statement so those of us who are dog-whistle hearing impaired can better understand.

Here is the updated, infinitely more intelligible re-write:

"Nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger.
Nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger.

Nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger.
Nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger.

Nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger.
Nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger."

[Relevant video footage of Palin and Fox's musings]

There!  I fixed it so that it's now more coherent for all.  God I love my hobby.


A Halloween Horror Story - Zombies Who Vote! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

A short time ago The Gadfly received one of these ceaseless, and always comical, right wing viral e-mails, after which perusing, The Gadfly made the determination that computers with internet access in mental institutions truly ought to be more tightly controlled as far as patient usage goes.

Anyhow, accompanying the crayon scribblings of this e-mail was the following graphic:

[click pic for larger size]

The Gadfly chuckled heartily to himself after viewing this graphic, yawned, went and performed some long neglected yard work, fixed a couple of loose spokes on on the front tire of his motorcycle, replaced the litter in The Catfly's litter box, experienced a splendidly satisfying bowel movement, and then spent several semi-distressful moments attempting to decide whether to have the Vegetable Beef or the Clam chowder soup for lunch.  After his hearty lunch, The Gadfly then walked over to his computer and with a few flicks of his nimble fingers over the Cheetos residue stained keyboard, within seconds had used the Google to demolish every single statement on the graphic as either an outright lie or major distortion of the truth.

The Gadfly's point here is that this is how easy it is to debunk right-wing, conservative bullshit.

So, earlier this week, the infamous Donald (is there any other?) was teasing the scandal starved maroons in the mainstream media about some ginormous news story that he was going to reveal on Wednesday that would shake the world of American politics to it's foundation and completely change the complexion of this year's Presidential race.  El Trumpbo even had one of his lackeys seductively tweet something about "someone" "possibly" uncovering evidence of Michelle Obama having filed and then withdrawn divorce papers against Barack Obama a decade or so ago (keeping it classy eh Donald? -  you piece of elitist shit).  Anyhow, turns out the "big story" was that The Trumpster was making a public offer to Obama that he would donate $5 million to Obama's favorite charity if Obama would provide Trump with copies of his college transcripts and his passport.

Sound familiar??  Hint . . . scroll up just a tad and focus eyes firmly on posted pic/graphic and read studiously.

This is the kind of garbage that the stupid wingnuts fall for - over and over again.  And no matter what amount of evidence is provided to these people which demolishes their cherished lies, they just simply out and out reject reality and continue to believe that which is not believable.  Is it any wonder that one of the most top-rated shows on cable tv these days is about brain-dead zombies?  It's because we have a nation fucking full of them right now and they get all of their worldly news and information from Fox "News", Rush Limpballs and idiotic viral e-mails like this one that The Gadfly received.

Let's just hope for all of our sake that come November 6, more reality-based Americans show up at the polls than do the zombies.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

God Bless The Rapists - Bless Them One And All . . .

The Gadfly is just grimly amazed that the GOP keeps offering up ghastly people like this fuck face as candidates who they deem worthy of representing their party:

WASHINGTON -- Indiana GOP U.S. Senate candidate Richard Mourdock declared Tuesday night he opposes aborting pregnancies conceived in rape because "it is something that God intended to happen."
Debating Rep. Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) in their final Senate race showdown, a questioner asked them and Libertarian candidate Andrew Horning to explain their views on abortion.
All three said they were anti-abortion. But Mourdock went the further, putting himself in territory near Missouri GOP Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin, the anti-abortion congressman who infamously asserted that women don't get pregnant from "legitimate rape."
"The only exception I have to have an abortion is in the case of the life of the mother," said Mourdock, the Tea Party-backed state treasurer. "I struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize life is that gift from God. I think that even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen."

So hey all of you God fearing parents and grand parents out there - just remember this - when your 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 year old or adult daughter/grand daughter is brutally raped and impregnated by the local sex deviant, you truly have no idea how blessed you are, for according to these right-wing, fundamentalist religious whack-jobs, it is something that God intended to happen.  Weeeeeeeeeeee!!  It's God's will baby!!  Don't worry!  Be Happy!

Somebody just grab the nearest baseball bat or sledgehammer and slam it full force into The Gadfly's forehead please --- for that is the only way The Gadfly might even barely be able garner some semblance of sense of this insane prick's viewpoint on this subject.

What this guy is stating isn't totally preposterous though. It is important to keep in mind that these people's religious views are based on a core tenet of their belief system which has their chosen deity raping a married man's wife while she slept and conceiving a child from that rape, who in turn upon his death, becomes their God - therefore does it really shock anyone that views like this are quite conventional in the Christian Taliban culture?

As it is though, this guy Mourdock truly is one of the many monstrous poster children for your modern day Republican party folks.  And it goes without saying that this is the same party of Willard Romney and Paul "Zombie-Eyed Granny Starver" Ryan.  These are the people who want to lead this country as it moves forward in to the 21st century.

And some of you still wonder why The Gadfly has such a visceral loathing for these fuckers?  Really?


Friday, October 19, 2012

If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas . . . and if you lie down with lying Scumbags, you still get up with fleas.

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow went on an epic rant the other night after discovering that the Romney campaign had granted journalist credentials and provided travel access on the Romney campaign airplane to right wing conspiracy nut and World Nut Daily columnist Jerome Corsi.

Corsi was the instigator of the infamous and now completely discredited lies about John Kerry's military service as a Swift Boat commander during the Vietnam war while Kerry was vying for the CINC position in the 2004 Presidential election.  Here is the Wikipedia entry on Corsi -- it is basically confirmation of what a sordid, shady, slimy character he is: ]

So Maddow is wondering why the Romney folks are allowing this fraudster and political smear merchant Corsi in to their inner fold at this late stage of the race - watch her analysis and then The Gadfly will give his:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Ms. Maddow, most certainly understated,  - - nailed it.

However, The Gadfly has a slightly different take on things.  The corporate fascists who are bankrolling Willard and The Zombie-Eyed Granny Starver's campaign are getting desperate.  Their guy's policy messaging is falling flatter than a low fat, no sugar IHOP pancake.  The Gadfly, having been an astute observer of conservative/GOP political strategery for many moons, can smell the desperation - can taste it.  Thus the sudden appearance of a creepy, slimy, conspiracy flinging, pathological lying sociopath like Jerome Corsi.  Desperation with only 3 weeks to go before election day.  Willard and the Koch brothers (more human scum) are digging in to the toxic pit of character assassination and manufactured controversy.  It is all they have folks.

The Kochs, the Willards, the Ryans, the Teabaggers and their glassy-eyed followers have no vision that serves the most Americans equitably.  Their foreign policy is the same as the last idiot President's policy - the one that had us attacking the wrong country and then starting a 2nd war in a country where it was not needed.  Their economic policies are no different from Bush's - even worse for the middle class and the elderly and working poor.  These people are taking this country down the road to Roman Empire like ruin and that is not an exaggeration.

The Gadfly is non canonizing Obama as a Saint.  The Gadfly has plenty of disagreements with Obama on a variety of issues both domestic and international.  But when the Gadfly takes a long, hard, objective look at the people who are pulling the puppet strings behind Willard & Boy Wonder from Janesville, The Gadfly has serious concerns about the fate of democracy and freedom should these people ever gain total governing power.

Lastly -- a message to Obama and his handlers -- the next time over the last few weeks before the election - if Robo-Willard or any of his neo-con, jack-off surrogates brings up the Libyan Embassy attack just smash them in their fucking shriveled old loser nut sacs with these two contrasting videos:

Compare this:

To this:

The Gadfly rests his case.

Hardball politics isn't rocket science.  You hit the other prick where it hurts the most - and then you keep hitting that soft, bruised, slightly bloodied spot over and over and over again until the enemy cocksucker is writhing in godawful pain.

Wake up Barack.  Get them steel-toed boots on and kick these fuckers so hard in the groin that the corpses of their long deceased ancestors will audibly groan in pain.  Do it for your fellow countrymen.  Do it for America's future.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

If It Walks Like a Fascist, Talks Like a Fascist and Treats Their Employees Like Corporate Assets - They Are Fucking Fascists

[**Disclaimer** -- if the photo accompanying this post offends you - it was meant to.  I am not desecrating the American flag.  The international financial criminals who are attempting to purchase yours and my Democracy and governing institutions are the sons of bitches who have desecrated our flag and every thing it stands for.  You better fucking wise up about this shit.]

This is what 21st century fascism looks like folks:

By Rebecca Leber on Oct 15, 2012 at 11:30 am
The Koch brothers’ $60 million pledge to defeat President Obama — along with their political network’s $400 million spending — make them two of the most influential conservatives this election.
Not content with their unprecedented influence in politics, the Kochs have also taken to influencing the votes of their employees. According to In These Times, Koch Industries sent 45,000 mailers to employees at Koch subsidiary Georgia Pacific, urging votes for Romney and other conservative candidates. The letter warns ominously of “consequences” for the workers if Republicans lose.

Can you imagine the blood curdling rage from the right if somebody like Warren Buffett or George Soros threatened their employees with losing their jobs if they did not vote for their paymaster's chosen political candidate Barack Obama??  Holy Teabagging Fuckity Fuck on a Shit-fit Stick Batman!!

I'd really be interested in hearing what some of my conservative friends think of this kind of economic terrorism.  I call it that because that is exactly what it is.  These goose-stepping  pricks  are threatening their employee's and those employee's family's livelihoods based on who the employee votes for.  This is the kind of authoritarian shit the fucking Nazis did in pre-WWII Germany - go read about the "Brown Shirts" - maybe you'll learn something.

Nonetheless, what the Koch Bros. are doing, what several other GOP connected corporations and businesses are doing is fundamentally anti-American.  It should be constitutionally outlawed.  These scumbag CEO's and owners of these companies should have their right to do business in this country revoked permanently and their individual citizenship rights revoked on the spot.  Deport their worthless fucking asses to Saudi Arabia - I'm sure they'll still manage to do good business there as new Saudi citizens.

If some of my conservative brethren can find me a mirror example of a Democratic connected company threatening their employees in the same manner - please provide me with the evidence.  I'm confident however, you will not find any such evidence.  All the more reason for me to ask you why you want a fascist government with the rich stealing more for themselves, the middle class being decimated even further, and the permanent underclass being repressed to the point of utter hopelessness and goose-stepping cocksuckers like the Koch Bros. dictating to you who it is you should vote for if you wish to remain employed.

I'm all ears.


When The Media Reports What Their Corporate Paymasters Expect . . .

Charles Pierce makes the most sadly accurate observation of the fiasco that American Presidential elections have become and how our dysfunctional mainstream is playing the most critical role in that disillusioning catastrophe:

It is a paint-by-numbers deal for the elite political media, most of which, I guarantee you, already knows what it's going to say at the end of the night. Unless Romney comes out dressed like Anton LaVey, or the president starts reading, unbidden, from Soul On Ice, nothing either of these guys say to Candy Crowley and a room full of New Yorkers will be treated as being of any real consequence. Romney has so battered the political dialogue — and the English language — with his 100-pound bullshit sledge that he has pretty much shaped the narrative of the campaign in such a fashion that his fanatical devotion to barefaced non-facts has become a weird kind of status quo. Far too many people in this business have accepted the Etch-A-Sketch argument to the point at which whether something is true or not is measured by its effectiveness as a tactic. "He had to run to the right in the primaries and then 'pivot' to the center in the general" — that's something that makes the political wiseguys look smart, but, taken literally, it means that the entire election process in the world's oldest self-governing republic is a contest to find out who can most smoothly move from one set of lies to another, and it is also a recipe for depriving the people who ultimately will make that decision of the kind of information they need to do so. How this is in any way good for democracy is not for small minds to ponder, I guess.

All the more reason for Americans to just once and for all make a statement to the media by refusing to watch their programming when it comes to news and politics.  Turn the shit off.  The media is beholden to the same big money interests that both political parties bow down and kiss the feet of.  Until the media is separated from a corporate and financial standpoint from their big money masters, Democracy as we know will continue to wither and weaken.

Send e-mails to the big 3 (ABC, CBS, NBC) and the cable news outlets like MSNBC, CNN, (I refuse to include Fox as they do now qualify as a "News" outfit).  Tell these money grubbing suits who run the news divisions of these companies that you are turning them off and that you are urging your friends and family to do the same.  Hit them where it hurts - advertising dollars based on viewership numbers is what drives these dirtbags to smugly play play games with our Democracy and electoral system.  Let's end it.

Do it and your country will thank you in the long run.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Save America - Keep The Lunatics From Overtaking The Asylum!

The Gadfly does so humbly thank the fucking Flying Spaghetti Monster every day of his life for the existence of Comedy Central and Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

The Gadfly cannot imagine the dread and tedium of watching right wing idiots take over this magnificent country and treating it like a redneck's pickup truck without Stewart and Colbert to observe this unfolding horror, and with their breathtaking humor, helping The Gadfly to understand and cope with it all.

Watch, if you will, Jedi Master Stewart as he wonders how in fuck's sake do crazies, creeps, and home-grown Taliban, which are the type of people who really seem to be the core base of the GOP these days, make it to the national level in politics.

If you watch any videos prior to election day, please take 10 minutes out of your bullshit busy day and watch these two.  And after you watch them, ask yourself - are these the crazy motherfuckers the people that I want running this country and dealing with very serious and life and death domestic and foreign policy issues??????  I simply ask you to think about it.

[ PART 1 ]

[ PART 2 ]

If that doesn't demonstrate to you how precarious this country's reputation and future is, then I simply and wholly give up on you.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

American Talibangelicalism - Jihadists of The Free World

Those evil fucking Taliban!! . . .

Oct 10 (Reuters) - A 14-year-old Pakistani schoolgirl campaigner shot by the Taliban had defied threats for years, believing the good work she was doing for her community was her best protection, her father said on Wednesday.
 Malala Yousufzai was shot and seriously wounded on Tuesday as she was leaving her school in her hometown in the Swat valley, northwest of the capital, Islamabad.
 The Taliban claimed responsibility, saying her promotion of education for girls was pro-Western and she had opposed them.

Shooting a 14 year old girl in the head in an attempt to execute her for defying Taliban teachings. Evil fuckers.  We should just nuke the whole country.

Good thing America is an entirely different country - full of good, wholesome, loving and forgiving Christianity.  Oh wait . . .

(NEWSER) – A Republican candidate for Arkansas state legislature says it's time to crack down on rebellious kids—by threatening them with the death penalty. Instituting the punishment "would be a tremendous incentive for children to give proper respect to their parents," writes Charlie Fuqua, a former lawmaker, in his book, God's Law: The Only Political Solution.

This would be child murderer has the support of the Arkansas state GOP.  How much more evidence do my conservative friends need to see that your political party is piece by piece being taken over by radical religious quacks and neo-fascists?

Jesus Fucking Christ.