Friday, August 8, 2014

Un-Fkn'-Believable . . . . .

Mind-bogglingly unbelievable:

WASHINGTON -- Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-Tenn.) declared victory Friday in his extremely close re-election battle, saying his "conservative record" enabled him to outpace a challenger who launched "desperate and disgusting personal attacks."
According to Tennessee's Secretary of State, DesJarlais led state Sen. Jim Tracy by just 35 votes, with a handful of provisional ballots to be counted.
DesJarlais' political future was all but written off two years ago after HuffPost uncovered court documents that showed DesJarlais, a physician, pressured a patient who was his mistress to get an abortion. It was later revealed that the pro-life congressman had approved of his first wife having two abortions, and that he'd had sex with at least two patients. Tennessee medical authorities found he had violated ethical standards by sleeping with his patients and fined him $500.
Tracy raised at least three times as much money as DesJarlais, and hit him late in the campaign on the affairs and abortions, but was unable to seal the deal with voters. Several reports suggested that evangelical voters in the district simply forgave DesJarlais.

If they'd only found a dead prostitute in the trunk of his car, he'd have won by a landslide instead of just 35 votes.

Just more evidence, as The Gadfly has been offering up for many years now, that the "family values" crowd of the right wing in this country is manifestly insane and unfit to govern anything other than their local Holy Hosanna Council -- and even then The Gadfly would be uncomfortable leaving them to their own devices without some measure of adult supervision.

Sadder yet  -- the lunatics and mental midgets who would vote to re-elect an ethically challenged scumbag like DesJarlais are the very same people who believe Obama is the Anti-Christ.

All the more reason to pull your fat asses off the sofa, drag it to the polling places, and vote en masse to, once and for all, make the electoral power of these people as irrelevant as their crackpot, medieval mindsets are.


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