Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Completion Backward Principle -- Media Sees Iraq War Architects as Subject Matter "Experts" . . . .

Ok -- so Iraq is devolving back in to their ancient tribal and religious strife.

Gee - who ever could have predicted that what was going to happen when the Bush, Cheney and the neo-cons decided to lie America in to that clusterfuck of a conflict that it was going to blow up in America's face and end in pure chaos and failure? . . . . .

That was Mr. Kotter's star student, Arnold Horshack, doing his dead-on imitation of The Gadfly, and many other dirty fucking hippies, who, not unlike the inimitable Horshack, raised their hands and told the Bushies, told the gutless media, told the slack-jawed, dumbass conservatives, and told a gullible America that invading Iraq was going to be one of the stupidest and most costly foreign policy mistakes that this country has made in it's long history of sticking it's fucking nose in to other nation's affairs.

We hippies implored the media to do their fucking jobs and thoroughly investigate the Bush administration's claims that Iraq was harboring weapons of mass destruction or that they had anything to do with the 9/11 attacks.  We implored sane America to be skeptical of the claims that the Bush people were spoon-feeding a compliant and craven mainstream media, who in due course, turned around and spoon-fed the same pile of duplicitous bullshit to an emotionally scarred and uncertain U.S. public.

And for our effort at trying to spare this country the heartache of yet another bloody military debacle and failure, along the lines of Vietnam, we hippies were ominously warned to watch what we say and had our patriotism and our moral character questioned and maligned.  Frankly - The Gadlfy back then, considered it a badge of honor, and does so to this day, to have scumbags like the Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz crowd, along with their cheerleaders at Fox "News," question his devotion to this country.

And as was predictable, based on all of the available, uncorrupt evidence, history has vindicated The Gadfly and his fellow dirty fucking liberal hippies.  Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, the neo-cons, and every Republican and Democratic politician that voted for that needless war was proved disastrously wrong.

But The Gadfly is not hear to gloat about it.  No, the actual motive for this post is that on the heels of the events going on in Iraq this past week, the same cadre of conservative snakes and worms and creepy crawlies has slithered out from under the slimy rocks, where they normally reside, and re-inserted themselves and their brain dead foreign policy views in to the public discourse once again.

And what is especially galling to The Gadfly is that these assholes and pathological liars actually have the nerve to question Obama's (so far) measured response to the wholly broken situation that is Iraq at this time, and are upset that he is not sending our Air Force boys and toys in there to bomb the place further back in to the stone age -- more than what we already have done with our 10 years of fuckuppery flailing about.

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow took note of the sad fact that the mainstream media and tv and cable news shows have been trotting out the utterly wrong and utterly failed Iraq war architects to opine on the current situation in Iraq, as well as the Benghazi flim-flammery:

She let's the media have it by ewillies

Frankly, anybody who puts an ounce of credence into a single opinion that the Iraq war creators and supporters have to say on the current situation in Iraq is a goddamn fool - pure and simple.  And if this past week is any indication, it appears that  there are many fools running the news rooms of many major news organizations across America.

The best thing Americans can do is to just turn off these news shows.  Stop buying the major news papers.

And more than anything, stop believing that your news media is trustworthy and honorable.  Once you accept the fact that they are anything but that -- you most definitely will be better informed just by virtue of the fact that you aren't buying into their bullshit lies and misinformation any more.  So do yourselves a favor and ditch the mainstream news media and search for alternative sources that aren't beholden to corporate and ideological interests.


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