Friday, April 11, 2014

The Further Travails of Spooks, Inc. . . . . .

Sigh . . . .

The National Security Agency on Friday strongly denied a news report that said the government failed to warn the public about the notorious Heartbleed software flaw -- allegedly because the NSA wanted to continue using it to gather intelligence.
The story, by Bloomberg News, said the NSA left countless Internet users and businesses vulnerable to hackers for the past two years, in order to continue exploiting the Heartbleed bug as a powerful tool for obtaining passwords and other data from users' accounts.

The Gadfly has just three simple observations if this turns out to be true:

1.  The NSA is populated with way, way, way too many people who have watched way, way, way too many Three Stooges and Keystone Kops episodes.

2.  Class-action lawsuit against the NSA and the government for every business and American who has been a victim of online fraud or identity theft the past few years.

3.  Edward Snowden doesn't even have to publicly defend himself anymore.  The NSA clowns are shooting themselves in the foot at every turn.

Who needs enemies abroad when we have our own fucking saboteurs right here, embedded deep within the bowels of our own fucking government?


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