Sunday, July 20, 2014

When The Brick Wall of Truth and Reality Meets Phoniness . . . .

This is how you put charlatan's in their place:

Financial expert and senior economics journalist for CNBC, Steve Liesman, tells Tea Party Godfather and Gordon Gekko cum swallower Rick Santelli that he's a lying, bullshitting, worthless piece of shit --- well --- not in those words exactly, but watch the video and you'll see what The Gadfly is talking about.

Santelli became famous for his televised "Tea Party" rant on the floor of the Stock Exchange on February 19, 1999, the day BEFORE Obama's first inauguration speech.

Never mind the reality that Wall Street and the DOW have recovered and prospered handsomely during Obama's tenure and as Steve Liesman correctly noted, Santelli was wrong about everything he boldly claimed, but it really has become standard practice that you can't put truth and reality in front of a teabagger and expect them to accept it for what it is.  But boy -- it sure is fun to rile up the uneducated rubes just because you fucking can huh?

Nice to see some media people beginning to call bullshit on the frauds who started all of this "Tea Party" flim-flammery to begin with for a change --- -perhaps the tide is turning against these connivers.


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