Friday, June 6, 2014

Ollie Ollie Toxin Free!!!! . . . . . . . .

Another of history's right wing deceitful losers weighs in on the Bowe Bergdahl story:

JUNE 4, 2014, 10:21 AM EDT
Naturally, Lt. Col. Oliver North has plenty to say about the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.
North, the former Reagan aide-turned-conservative commentator best-known for his central role in the Iran-Contra scandal in the 1980s, was on a mission Tuesday to hand down his indictment of the prisoner swap that secured Bergdahl's rescue.
Speaking to former Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R-AZ) on his Newsmax program, North demanded to know if a ransom was paid to terrorists in order to execute the swap.
“Was there a ransom paid?" North said. "Did the government of the United States, either directly or indirectly, finance a terrorist organization?”

Hey -- if anyone could be considered a subject matter expert on the act of paying ransom to mid-east terrorists for American hostages, it's good ol' Ollie North.

This fucker illegally sold WMD's to Iran back in the early 80's to secure release of the American hostages then being held by Islamic radicals.  Oh - but it didn't stop there.  He then helped to orchestrate the funneling of the illegal Iranian WMD money to right wing death squad Contras down in Nicaragua who were fighting a brutal and vicious war against civilians who were trying to elect a leftist government - Congress had passed a law barring any funding of those murderers.  Thankfully he had St. Ronaldus Magnus Reagan and friends to cover up and whitewash his crimes.  Republican independent counsel Lawrence Walsh, who investigated the whole thing from beginning to magnanimous end, labeled the Reagan administration coverup as one of the greatest political and criminal whitewash jobs of all time, and ol' Ollie was smack dab in the middle of it all:

For Walsh, a lifelong Republican who shared the foreign policy views of the Reagan administration, the Iran-contra experience was a life-changing one, as his investigation penetrated one wall of lies only to be confronted with another and another -- and not just lies from Oliver North and his cohorts but lies from nearly every senior administration official who spoke with investigators
According to Firewall, the cover-up conspiracy took formal shape at a meeting of Reagan and his top advisers in the Situation Room at the White House on Nov. 24, 1986. The meeting's principal point of concern was how to handle the troublesome fact that Reagan had approved illegal arms sales to Iran in fall 1985, before any covert-action finding had been signed. The act was a clear felony -- a violation of the Arms Export Control Act -- and possibly an impeachable offense

They impeached Clinton over fibbing about a blow job.  They named a fucking airport after Reagan.

And now the same assholes are back and questioning the character, loyalty and patriotism of a guy who has been a POW for more than 5 years, and without knowing ANY FACTS behind the story.

And you still wonder why The Gadfly has such a visceral loathing for these cretins?

And as far as Oliver North's credibility goes, all that The Gadly has to say on that subject can be summed up in a single photo:

[ click to enlarge ]

The Gadfly rests his fucking case.


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